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I like bands, tattoos and taking photos
I like bands, tattoos and taking photos
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6 Bands To Get You Into Bands
Do you constantly find yourself only listening to the pop charts? Wanting to explore new music? I broke away from SmashHits and the top charts and started discovering bands when I was 12. After going through my emo phase listening to My Chemical Romance on ...

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Monthly Music Favourites | March 2017
You probably know by now that I am all about the music. So I thought I would start a music monthly favourites, sharing with you the tracks I've been feeling and listening to the most over the past month. March has consisted of finding some new bands, which ...

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Top 10 Bring Me The Horizon Songs
This band have so many amazing songs that this list was incredibly hard to make, but I finally managed to narrow down my top 10 Bring Me The Horizon songs of all time, I think. If you've read any of my previous blog posts then you will probably already know...

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8 Incredible UK Blackwork Tattoo Artists
Blackwork is becoming a lot more popular and there is a lot of talented artists practicing it. It is my favourite tattoo style, and I tend to discover and follow quite a few artists through Instagram. A lot of the time some of my favourites end up being the...

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Crystals & Coffee | An Afternoon In Glastonbury
Last Thursday, I spent the afternoon in Glastonbury. The sun was shining for the first time in a while, without it breaking into rain a couple of minutes later, or being blown over by the wind. The mission was to enjoy a simple afternoon, getting a coffee a...

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How Well Do You Know Your Bands? | Quiz
Photo by  James Killian So you think you know your bands pretty well? Ever felt like putting it to the test? I have made a 20 question quiz to see how much you really know. Including rock, metalcore, post hardcore and metal bands.  If you're a fan of bands ...

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8 Must See Shows Availble On Netflix
Are you a Netflix addict too? If you have watched the popular, raved about shows such as Dexter, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Sons Of Anarchy, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things , then you may be on the hunt for something new, am I right? I...

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Tattoo Tag - Part 2
Personally I find tattoos very interesting to hear about, from the inspiration of the design to the experience of getting it, something about tattoos just fascinates me. I currently have 10 tattoos, and if you didn't know I've already done a post on my firs...

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Valentine's Day Surprise
I've never been much of a Valentine's Day person. I can appreciate why people celebrate it, and do nice things with their loved ones, but it's never been something I've particularly been into. The odd card was pretty much as far as it went. However, last ye...

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4 Highstreet Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving
Ever find yourself constantly buying different make up products because you can't find one you like? I always seem to waste my money on products that don't work or I don't like. I went to Superdrug to get the one product I always repurchase,  collection 200...
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