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Eric Rösch
Designer, developer, gamer and photographer based in Germany.
Designer, developer, gamer and photographer based in Germany.


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A few days ago I also made another thing, an AutoHotKey script which allows you to download soundtrack albums from

Currently you can only download one track at a time, the album downloading feature is behind a paywall.

Windows executables are also available, no need to install AHK.

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I've finally finished with Daydream. You will find a folder with the icons and another with the wallpapers. First there are walls created by me and others that I downloaded from the internet. I have taken longer than I expected since I was busy with final exams at the university. If you like my work you can make a donation. Thank you

Donation 👍

Daydream icons Zip

Daydream walls zip

Welcome new members and thanks for your support ✌😊

Have a nice day/night. Peace! ✌

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With 2017 coming to an end, it's time to wrap up my favourite Android icon packs to give your home screen a fresh look for Christmas. Let's go!

The Best Of The Best
• Lenyo (by +Max Patchs​​​)
• Ream (by +Gabriel Zegarra​​​ and +Justin Kruit​​​)
• Mation (by +LKN9X​​​)
• Cornie (by +Patryk Goworowski​​​)
• Smoonke (by +Max HuaLop​​​)

The Classics
• Cornie (by +Patryk Goworowski​​​)
• CandyCons (by +Vukašin Anđelković​​​, discontinued/suspended)
• Polycon (by +Krish Gounder​​​, discontinued)
• KAIP (by +Kevin Aguilar​​​, discontinued)
• Phix (by +MOWMO​​​)
• Ango (by +Max Patchs​​​)
• Silhouette (by +Joshua M.​​​)
• Simpax (by +Sikebo Giraz​​​)
• Iris UI (by +Julian Gomez​​​)
• Elegance UI (by +Joshua M.​​​)
• Muffin (by +Joshua M.​​​)
• Crispy (by +FLAT EDGE​​​)
• Delta (by +Leif)
• Antimatter (by +MOWMO​​​)
• Darkmatter (by +MOWMO​​​)
• Minimale (by +MOWMO​​​)
• Mation (by +LKN9X​​​)
• Noizy (by +Patryk Goworowski​​​)
• Lemon (by +Max HuaLop​​​, suspended)
• Corvy (by +Max Patchs​​​)
• Quantum Dots (by +Anthony Nguyen​​​)
• Siru (by +Dots Illustration​​​, discontinued/suspended)
• Funkong (by +Sikebo Giraz)
• Pixel Icon Pack Nougat Free UI 2017 HD 2018

The Newcomers
• Ream (by +Gabriel Zegarra​​​ and +Justin Kruit​​​)
• Erza (by +Vishal Kashi​​​)
• Orzak (by +Vitaliy Komissarov​​​)
• Lenyo (by +Max Patchs​​​)
• Aivy (by +Max Patchs​​​)
• Frozy (by +Fraom Design​​​)
• Splendid (by +Sajid Shaik​​​)
• Gion (by +LKN9X​​​)
• Celandia (by +Julian Gomez​​​)
• Smoonke (by +Max HuaLop​​​)
• Personal (by +Juani Orefice​​​)
• Talitha (by +Andrea Panico​​​)
• PixBit (by +Vukašin Anđelković​​​)

The Upcoming Ones
• Minty (by +Patryk Goworowski​​​)
• Crazycons (by +Juani Orefice​​​)
• Stardust (by +Lumiq Creative​​​, that's me)
• Paperkraft (by +Adithya Jayan)

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GRVY x KLWP is live 😄

this pack contains 4 wallpaper presets, and 3 status bar komponents, more to come :)

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Android Redesign

as android needs to be redesigned every year
This is the project I've been working for the last months, and I'm very proud of showing you my disaster video introduction.

Full project:


22 Photos - View album

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It is Wednesday my dudes

I might or might not be working on a KLCK preset pack... :)

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apple: everything is big (
google: everything is ˢᵐᵒᶫ

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UI revamp sneak peek!

The past few days were pretty interesting, the team and several members and designers from +Paranoid Android​ and +R Λ Z Ξ R​ have been working together to pitch different designs of the new substratum UI!

Not only will the next version of substratum include a brand new user interface design overhaul, there will be behind the scene compilation changes that will benefit the themers (compilation rules) as well as a few security patches built in on the new template version!

User interface changes will come soon, as the fonts chosen are unfinalized, but the app will have been rebased greatly (fully black UI'd by +David Wilson​ and +Bryan Owens​!)

Enjoy the new animations, layout and the gestures in the video below!
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