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API Product Manager @ Uber
API Product Manager @ Uber

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Big new post from me. By big I mean really long hah.

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It’s on!
Proud to debut my new podcast with +Chris Saad. The premier episode is live now at

In the 1st show, we discuss...Uber, Microsoft HoloLens and why "Women Shouldn't Code” according to some people.

Hope you love it!

‪#‎contextmatters‬ ‪#‎context‬

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My latest post

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Rethinking my views on Identity and Data Portability and chiming in on 'Anonymity vs. Real Identity' debate

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Why would I want to post about my new photo sigh

-- 6 Reasons I switched back from Moto X to iPhone --

First let me preface this with #firstworldproblems. I don't actually believe this matters so much - but some people asked why I switched back so I thought I would post here FYI.

1. It was freezing every 3-5 minutes of usage. Straight up totally useless. Further there seemed to be no pattern and no diagnostic information.

2. The camera was slow. It took almost a whole second or so to take 1 photo. iPhone takes photos so quickly that you can actually take 10 in the same time it takes for the Moto X to take 1 (which I often do so I can be sure to capture the moment).

3. The touch responsiveness is clearly slower than iPhone and the frame rate of sliding and moving animations is so low it's distracting. I don't know what makes iOS so smooth and responsive, but it lends huge subliminal credibility to their perceived stability and polish. (Side note: I really missed the physical little bounce effects when scrolling to the top and bottom of lists. Android's 'Blue Hue' effect doesn't compare.)

4. The keyboard is a nightmare. With iOS I can almost spam my keyboard in roughly the right place and as long as I tap the right number of times it seems to guess the word I was trying to type with surprising accuracy. 

Sometimes I don't even type the right number of characters and it auto-corrects me. It's stunning. When I'm forced to tap the word to correct it, the correction is invariably in the first or second spot. On Android not only does it have NO idea what I'm trying to type it seems to actively go out of its way to fuck up the words. Worse, on tap, the alternative suggestions are totally bizarre nonsensical garbage. This is GOOGLE. I use their search engine as a spell check on the web - why can't they get this right??

5. (Perhaps most douch-baggy - but it's important to note as someone who works around social media) After complaining about these headaches on Twitter and Facebook the social media support was atrocious. My Klout score (yes, yes we're not supposed to care about Klout and blah blah whatever) is 66 or 67 and even still the replies took hours or days and were half hearted to say the LEAST. They were totally useless - throwing jargon at me and failing to call when asked (To be fair this was actually true of Verizon as well. When I dialed Verizon's call center or went into the store, though, I was treated like royalty - clearly social media support has failed).

6. iOS and iPhone is flawed. The screen is too small (for my taste) and the notifications are feature-poor. The home screen doesn't support widgets or even control over where the icons end up (they use that stupid fill from the top behavior) - but it WORKS. It works fast, clean and stable. Even iOS 7 Beta - for me - didn't have any real functional glitches (Some apps like Skype were crashing for a while during the Beta though). 

iOS feels rock solid. Android still feels like a baby trying to stand up.


It makes me sad to report all this. I wanted to believe Android might have caught up. Maybe I should have chosen a higher-end phone, but I wanted the 'Google Phone'; and Google let me down.

I went to the Verizon store, returned the Moto X and ordered an iPhone 5s. The lovely support center woman even refunded me the restocking fee. Go Verizon!

So my mom lives in Australia and asked me what was happening with the US government shutdown. The news over there obviously hasn't provided the blow-by-blow and/or she hasn't followed along. 

Here was my 10 point rough explanation. I'm sure I got some nuance wrong (and certain conservatives would disagree with me) - but here it is for interests sake.

1. President Obama - first black president - gets elected.

2. Racist/rightwing nut cases freak out and start 'the tea party' - basically an extreme right wing reaction to a black guy running the country.

3. Tea party gets super well funded by shadowy billionaires who want to keep the country desperate and uneducated so they can continue to rape and pillage.

4. Tea party gets themselves elected into congress as republicans - hijacks the Republican party skewing everything to the far right. Everything grinds to a halt.

5. President Obama decides that the economy is fucked (which it is) and the main anvil around the neck is exploding healthcare costs (not to mention that health care in the US is in the dark ages in terms of outcomes for the poor and middle class) - he develops a huge push to reform the system. It passes.

6. Despite the health care plan ("Affordable Care Act" aka "Obamacare") being a completely centrist or even conservative plan (in fact the last republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney passed the same model in his home state) the Tea party led Republicans decided that it was sent from satan and would destroy the world. They can't seem to provide any specific reasons why though.

7. Despite making their case to the American people and LOSING the debate/election/referendum, they've decided to try to repeal it another 40+ times (and failed).

8. Now they are holding Government budgeting/funding (which they have to authorize on a regular basis to keep the government funded) and the Debt Ceiling (which they need to authorize on a regular basis to pay off the government's credit card) hostage until Obama agreed to negotiate killing his big healthcare law on the eve of its final and full enactment (it's already a funded law mind you, so that's pretty unrealistic).

9. That's not actually how you repeal a law - you have to win elections and pass new bills. So Obama's basically told them to go get fucked.

10. The deadline past for funding the government so the government has now shut down.
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