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Jeff Laffel
Author of the novel GONE THE SUN.
Author of the novel GONE THE SUN.
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Just wanted to let you all know that my first mystery novel, THE BODY UNDER THE BLEACHERS is now available from, and at Just hard and soft cover for now; Nook and Kindle soon. Hope you like the story of a middle aged English/Film Study high school teacher who solves crimes in her spare time. I think that anyone whoever went to high school will get a kick out of this book...and, hopefully, series.

Saw +Ryan Van Sickle at the Living Room last night. I've been watching this talented performer for years and last night he was the best ever. Blew the roof off the place. I just want more people to recognize his amazing talent. If you haven't heard him, give him a listen on I Tunes. The new Bruce!!!!

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Hey! Spring break is coming as is the summer. Want a great page turner for the plane to Cabo or for sitting on a lounge chair at the beach or lake? Try GONE SUN. I may be a bit biased but I think it's a hell of a good read.

If you're interested, please check out my blog as well.


+Ryan Van Sickle and +HEATHER FAY rocked Googie's Lounge on Friday to an extremely appreciative audience. Glad I was able to get in as the place was SRO. Looking forward to future concerts from this dynamic duo and from each artist on his or her own. Great talents!!!!!! Thank you +matthew rappaport for organizing this fantastic and quite memorable event. They left all others in the dust!!!

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I am giving away copies of my album (some digital, some signed copies) to randomly chosen people who share this post publicly! Details below.

The link is to my new Google Music Account, which features 90 second previews of all the songs on the album. If you buy the album, you can share the tracks with friends and family!

Contest Info:
If you share this post publicly, we will be choosing winners at random, at each threshold listed. Available to all Google Plus users, not just USA.

At 10 Shares Winners are +Gordon Baldwin and +Johnathan Chung! They win a Digital Copy of "Ghosts of the Brokenhearted"
At 50 Shares we will give away 2 digital copies to 2 of the first 50 sharers at random.
At 100 Shares we will give away 1 Digital Copy and 1 Signed CD. The Winner of the CD will also win a 1 Hour Private Hangout Concert/Discussion for up to 7 other people of their choosing.
At 250 Shares we will give away 4 digital copies and a Signed CD/Hangout to the largest Ripple bubble sharer!
More TBA?

For Non-US-ers
If you can't get to, here is a link to Ryan's Music:

#googlemusic #music #hangoutconcert #free #giveaway #contest +Google Music Artists

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