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SpringBoot with JavaFx
Step 1 - Create a new maven project using below command. If you are new to spring boot, please check my previous article on standalone spring boot application . mvn archetype:generate DgroupId=com.javaxp -DartifactId=TestJavaFx -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven...

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Standalone SpringBoot Helloworld example
Step 1 - Run the below maven command. If maven is not installed in your machine please click here to check how to install maven . mvn archetype:generate -DgroupId=com.javaxp -DartifactId=TestSpringboot -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-quickstart -Dinte...

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How to install maven and create a new blank maven project
Step 1 - Go to maven site and download maven binary zip archive as shown below Step 2 - Once you download the file extract it to a particular location and set below Windows environment variables   M2_HOME - C:\TestMaven...

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Poor Employers in the Age of Technology
Every entrepreneur desires to have most skilled, diligent, well-mannered and reliable professionals. This is probably because the employees are the strength of an organization having the power to make or break it. While the motivated, creative and problem-s...

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Top 10 Oracle Certifications and How to Earn Them
Oracle Corporation is an international company that offers a variety of software and hardware solutions which are designed to streamline IT. Oracle offers many certifications in the area of Cloud, applications, Enterprise Management, Database, Foundations, ...

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Drag and Drop example in HTML5
HTML5 has made dragging and dropping objects from one place to another very easy. We will see an example of the HTML5 API’s that can be used to drag and drop objects How to make the object draggable For making object draggable, we need to first set the drag...

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Have you ever wish to learn about AngularJS framework for java web development?
Though online article directories and blogs of Java web development professionals are feed with distinct stories and articles about different products; still you can consider this post to learn every important fact about AngularJS. The author will explain t...

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Java program to convert numbers to words
Output - 5='Five' 16='Sixteen' 50='Fifty' 78='Seventy Eight' 456='Four Hundred Fifty Six' 1,000='One Thousand ' 99,999='Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine' 199,099='One Lakh Ninety Nine Thousand Ninety Nine' 10,005,000='One Crore Five Thousand '

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JSch - Upload/download files from remote server
We will using JSch to connect our unix box. Once connected you should be able to upload or download the require files. JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. To know more click here . For running below code you need to add jsh jar file (e.g. jsch-0.1.5...

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Serialization problem with Singleton
In previous example we have seen the basics of singleton . In this example we will see how Serialization can effect the Singleton design pattern. Sometimes in distributed systems, we may need to implement Serializable interface in Singleton class so that we...
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