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A Wild Spring! Spring allergies are extremely high this year. The spring equinox arrived a bit early and with the warmer weather the flowers, trees, and plants, are delighting the senses. If you have seasonal allergies, you'll want to know why this spring may produce more allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones, and learn more about what you can do to feel better fast.

According to the National Institute of Health, we have three main factors contributing to the 2016 spring allergy season. The warmer winter increased our exposure to winter allergens such as mold. Even though winter is officially over, the mold is still hanging around. The warmer spring temperatures, encouraged plants to bloom early inundating the environment with pollen. Pollen is typically measured beginning in April, though due to early spring temperatures, scientists are already finding the pollen counts to be in the moderate range. Dryer weather has also contributed to the higher pollen counts, as rain helps to wash the pollen away. Nearly 60% of the United States is considered dry or in drought for this time of year. These environmental conditions make it challenging for allergy sufferers all over the United States.

Most doctors are warning allergy patients to expect their allergy symptoms to arrive early this year. You can help eliminate these symptoms and the use of medication with Bio-Harmonization Technique (BHT). Read more about BHT at:
Bio-Harmonization Technique
Bio-Harmonization Technique
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The Forgiveness Method™ is a gentle yet potent holistic treatment that allows you to change unwanted behaviors and patterns that keep you from leading your best life. With the Forgiveness Method™, we pinpoint the source of what is holding you back and quickly correct it.  I partner with you to give you relief, just like thousands of other individuals, couples, teens, and children either in person or via Skype. Together, we will uncover hurtful events and stressors that are limiting you, release them, and get you back on track to a life of health and happiness.

Science got it right, stress is in-fact the single most common thread in nearly all physical and emotional issues.  That's an incredibly empowering discovery. Over the last decade science has proven what we have known all along, that our physical body is influenced by our thoughts, words, emotions, and past experiences which are stored at a cellular level. To manage stressful events surrounding you in your daily life, your body stores this silent killer in your organs, muscles and tissues. This unhealthy response combined with a hectic lifestyle leads to a variety of barriers in your daily life such as unhappy relationships, chronic pain, digestive disorders, low self-esteem, weight gain, fatigue, illness, depression, anger, and even that dreaded sense of feeling stuck.

Through the Forgiveness Method™you will gain an understanding as to why you react the way you do and why you continue to respond to similar situations in the same way even though you try hard not to. You’ll be able to let go of what doesn’t work for you and make the shift into a more positive pattern. As a result, you’ll experience more health and happiness in your life. Let's dive in.  Explore more at
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10 Reasons to try Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)

1. It eliminates chronic pain
2. It expedites healing by getting to the root of the issue.
3. It enduces calmness and brings more balance to your life.
4. It reduces high blood pressure.
5. It increases your ability to maintain positive thinking.
6. It improves cellular function.
7. It supports adrenal fatigue, restoring the glandular system.
8. It helps you love yourself on a deeper level.
9. It supports your brain and body so that you can let go of depression and anxiety medication and rediscover true happiness and health in your life.
10. It simply feels so darn good!
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Are you hungry for more inward peace?

Periodically, friends and clients inquire about how to increase their inner peace, to carry over the benefits of a powerful healing session, or to simply improve their outlook on life during times of change. Inner peace is often referred to as a state of being mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually at ease. Being at peace is considered by many to be healthy (homeostasis) and the opposite of being stressed and overwhelmed.  

Part of the journey of inner peace is the realization of the self, and the practice of valuing and honoring the self. Some of us never received the teachings of how to truly care for ourselves...instead were taught that self-love/self-care is selfish. As you let go of the false teachings and learn to value yourself on a deeper level you will also cultivate more inner peace in your life. Consider these 8 simple yet potent tools to love your life more everyday:

1. Move Your Body-When you exercize, your body produces endorphines, adrenaline, serotonin, & dopamine which help to reduce pain, increase energy, and bring more happiness to your life.  Just 10 minutes a day can really help!

2. Become a Hug Machine- hugging floods your body with oxytocin, a "bonding hormone" that makes people feel secure and trusting towards each other. Hugging lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and reduces stress.  Shoot for 5 hugs per day....or why not go for more!

3. Let the Light In-Sunshine stimulates the production of serotonin (a feel good hormone) in the brain. A lack of sunlight has been found to contribute to mental illness such as depression and seasonal affective disorder. 

4. Laugh- Science has proven that a good belly laugh releases endorphins, keeps illness at bay and reduces depression. Laugh is short!

5. Buy Gifts- A Harvard University study found that participants who recalled a time when they purchased a gift (it doesn't have to cost a lot) for someone reported feeling significantly happier after recollection.  I also believe that doing something nice to serve others brings a similar feeling of happiness. Strive to do a good deed everyday!

6. Take 10 minutes of sacred you time every day-practice mindfulness in your walking, use a breathing technique to activate your para-sympathetic nervous system ( brings a state of calmness), practice positive affirmations to achieve a new goal, or simply sit in silence and enjoy some time to yourself!

7. Google Cat Videos-a Japanese study has shown that watching a short video clip of animals can help reduce stress and increase concentration by up to 44%! Wow....

8. Give yourself the gift of regular holistic healing session. Self work is a journey not a destination, so remember to always be kind with yourself. Schedule your next Emotional Polarity Technique or Life Improvement Internal Focus Technique and let's bring something new to your next session.

Schedule Online at:
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Emotional Polarity Technique + couples testimonial.....

Emotional Polarity Technique is a natural holistic treatment that allows you to let go of behavioral and thought patterns that that no longer serve you: past, present and future. Letting go allows you to free up massive positive energy that you can use to move your life forward right now.

Your physical body is influenced by your mental thoughts, words, emotions, and past experiences which are kept as information at a cellular level. To deal with stressful issues surrounding us in our daily lives, our bodies tend to store these memories in our organs and muscles, leading to different types of unhealthy responses. As a result we may experience chronic pain, trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, terminal illness, poor relationships, or artificial barriers to advancement in your career or life.

By changing your emotional system you change your beliefs, change what you believed wasn’t true, and change what you believed that is holding you back, so you can begin to open up and believe something about your life that makes your life better.

How does EPT work?
Our thoughts and emotions are inseparably linked together, and are electro-chemical in nature. These thoughts and emotions are literally stored in molecules and chemicals that travel through the body’s bloodstream and act directly on the neurological pathways of the brain and body. EPT allows you to quickly discover the root issues and eliminate these negative responses in a 3 step process that is both gentle and specific.

First, we FIND the issue by locating its origin, through kinesiology (muscle testing) and deductive reasoning.

Secondly, we FIX the issue by balancing the brain, body and bio-field through the use of magnets (polarity) and breath work. This is a gentle process of transmuting the blocked energy stored in your body.

Lastly, we RELEASE the thought patterns through forgiveness and positive affirmations. This allows you to let go of the limiting thought patterns which no longer serve you, while creating new and positive thought patterns that transcends your life.

The heart and soul of EPT is forgiveness. 99% of people feel results after only 1 visit! Because the platform of EPT is cemented in forgiveness, it actually shows us how to go beyond the abilities and the restrictions of our own minds. EPT lovingly and purposefully gives us wisdom, insight, and intuition providing us with very powerful tools to manifest pure light and forgiveness into our very own state of being.

Recent Cincinnati EPT Testimonial:

"We have been working with Erika for a couple of months. We came in with some serious relationship issues related to hectic schedules, communication differences, & a lack of sexual intimacy. Much of our struggle was derived from our blended Brady bunch family and dealing with the stress of exes. Erika has helped us identify core issue which has led us to fixing our communication problem and has given us the tools to have more harmony in our home. We highly recommend her to other couples."
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Ragweed is one of the biggest allergy triggers during the fall. Approximately 75% of people who are allergic to spring plants are also allergic to ragweed. Most cases of hay fever are caused by an allergy to fall pollen from plants belonging to the genus Ambrosia plant-more commonly known as ragweed. Ragweed allergies occur when the body views the substance as an enemy and mounts a vigorous attack against it. Your immune system reacts to the tiny grains of pollen as if they were a threat. Your body then sends specialized immune cells that are responsible for delivering antibodies to proteins on the pollen. This causes a series of bio-chemical reactions which floods the bloodstream with histamine, a compound that causes allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling, nasal congestion, sleep disruption, red puffy eyes, itchy throat, and even hives.

For those that are sensitive to ragweed, you will often notice the most intense symptoms from August to late October. But there is help! The foods that you eat can help stifle your sniffling, particularly seasonal foods. Did you know that foods like kale, onions, garlic, & pumpkins can help you reduce your allergy symptoms?

Kale is a member of the crucifer family, but it is also rich in the carotenoid department, packing a form of vitamin A thought to improve allergy symptoms. Keep in mind that a number of studies have shown that people with a low vitamin A are more prone to having asthma and allergy problems.

Onions and garlic are packed with quercetin, another secret weapon that helps fight allergies by acting as an antihistamine. Quercetin also acts like vitamin C and reduces inflammation in your system, which helps the side effects associated with allergic inflammation such as stuffy noses.

Like leafy greens, pumpkins are rich in allergy-fighting carotenoids, the form of vitamin A that you need to stockpile to better ward off allergies.

For those of you with serious symptoms, be sure to take advantage of my fall savings on allergy elimination. Use coupon code HEALTH25 to receive $25 off your first appointment by 9/15/15. Schedule online at:
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