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When Science meets Recruiting, Talent Sourcing has never been so easy.
When Science meets Recruiting, Talent Sourcing has never been so easy.


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We are giving away a couple of $995 Hiring Success 18 full conference passes for free! Join us next week March 13-14th in San Francisco? #Hiretual #HiringSuccess18
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With Hiretual you can "Build Boolean logic on a single source to search multiple sites and search engines. I haven't used the ML/AI feature. I have simply used the free product, which is great!" on the list of Shane Shown's 10 favorite recruiting tools, the Sourcing Guru at Facebook

#Hiretual #Recruiting #Sourcing #TalentAcquisition
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"18 Extremely Intelligent Women Sourcers Share Their Favourite Search Strings" by Shannon Pritchett, the Editor of SourceCon on ATC:

Alicia Priselac
Tangie Pettis
Katrina Collier
Maisha Cannon
Stacy Zapar
Sarah Goldberg
Angie Verros
Kerri Mills
Susanna Conway
Laura Stoker
Amybeth Quinn
Carmen Hudson
Nicole Greenberg
Cyndy Davis
Amie Ernst
Teresa Colquitt
Shannon Pritchett

#WomenAllStar of #TalentAcquisition #Sourcing #Recruiting #Hiretual
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Anne Elizabeth: "Why is Hiretual better than TalentBin?"

Paul Lovallo "I demoed both Hiretual, simplyhired and Talentbin extensively. Using similar if not exact search criteria they all performed well with Hiretual coming out on top... What really separated the tools for me is Hiretual 80% return on personal contact information. Picking up the phone and sending an email directly to your prospects is incredibly valuable! Hiretual wins by a long shot"

Nelda Mendoza-Heifetz "I second Paul Lovallo comments. We’ve tested all of them, Hiretual is the best👍🏻"

Michael Crouse "Hiretual is the only tool you will need."

Thank you!

#Recruiting #Sourcing #Hiretual #Support
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"We are assessing Hiretual and wondering if anyone has used it and compared it to TalentBin or HiringSolved? Sales person was not able to provide answer. Thanks!" - Suzie Grieco

Nelda Mendoza-Heifetz: "We did a demo on all 3 and have been using Hiretual for a year now, and every person on our Sourcing Team loves it!!! I agree with Greg demo them all, come up with your own teams likes & dislikes. #Hiretual4Sure"

Tonia Snell: "I've used all 3 in the last year. Now I only use Hiretual."

Thank you, Nelda and Tonia, for your awesome support!

#Grafetul for you and your #Hiretual #Reviews
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What do you think about elevating your communication skills and what "every smart Talent Acquisition professional should be doing in 2018?"

"With A.I.-powered recruitment tools such as Mya and Hiretual coming into the market, robots are set to take on a bigger role in the sourcing, scheduling, and communication with candidates." - Bo Kai Low, Talent Acquisition enthusiast at ATC

#Hiretual #TalentAcquisition #Recruiting #Sourcing #ATC
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"AI Recruitment Tech – Love Them Hate Them" by Trevor Vas, a leader in enterprise HCM and a speaker at ATC in Australia and New Zealand.

"I also provided my client with a range of data points that included candidates’ benchmark scores (from Hiretual)... Technology can only get you this far. Clients need to be educated on how to use the data points. Technology should raise questions instead of purely providing answers."

#Hiretual #ATC #Recruiting #Sourcing #TalentAcquisition
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"Now pair [your] search with a set of keywords or chrome tools like Multihighlight, Autopagerizer, Dataminer, and Hiretual, and you’ll be a pipelining machine!"

The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Sourcing by Greg Hawkes, Strategic Sourcer at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

#Hiretual #Sourcing #Recruiting #SourceCon #TalentAcquisition
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Quick Sourcing Refresher for 2018 by Shannon Pritchett, the Editor of SourceCon on ATC:

"Most recruiters use SourceHub, Hiretual, RecruitEm, and Bool... Boolean builders provide us with a great foundation or framework to build your Boolean string. I recommend first building your search string on your own, then using these Boolean builders as a comparison, or quick reference to validate your search string."

#Hiretual #ATC #SourceCon #recruiting #sourcing #TalentAcquistion
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"Name a tool or other software that you plan on trying in 2018 to recruit with or manage your talent?

Sourcing tools were foremost on their minds. Hiretual got the most mentions!"

Thank you, Chris Russel and Recruiting Headlines, for the Hiretual mention and the awesome survey results!

#hiretual #recruiting #sourcing #survey
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