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Sound and fury, signifying nothing.
As a campaigner who has pushed for
equal representation of disabled people across the entertainment industry for 9
years, I read the proposal by the Minister for Disabled people, calling or wider
representation of disability in the entertainment & fashion i...

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The online sorting hat.
When the internet was
invented, it could never have
been known, That women would barge
in there and make just themselves at home. But they did and no
one stopped them and they’re everywhere now you see. It’s just awful, even
CAPS LOCK can’t prevent their ty...

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Message in a bottle.
Today is apparently Blue Monday. A named coined by Dr's at Cardiff University to predict the day of the year where things are at their bleakest and most  depressing. Currently that is everyday for me. I'm sure that's true of millions of disabled people and ...

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Conversation with Ricky Gervais.
I spoke to Ricky Gervais earlier about writing, comedy atheism and Subbuteo. You can listen here. Listen to "Ricky Gervais" on Spreaker.

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Post truth, truth
We are reliably
informed by those upon whom we are expected to rely for our information, that we
live in a “post-truth” age. At a time when
assertions of “facts” are destabilising at best and terrifying at worst, it’s a
phrase, which, like the foreign sound...

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No one left behind
Like many Jeremy
Corbyn supporters I watched Dispatches last night totally convinced when I
began that there was nothing that would change my view of the man who I felt
huge gratitude to in raising the issues faced by millions of disabled people in
Britain ...

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Petition 2
So HM government rejected my first petition because they said I didn't make clear what I was asking them to do. I thought I had and couldn't have been clearer. I was a bit gloomy about it then I stopped doing that because that's stupid. So I made a new peti...

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A little bit of hope
Last night at 10.30pm after another day of no news from the Council or the CCG but with lots of help and support from everyone online, I got the following email from the CCG. The tone reflects what I perceive to be the joint authorities irritation with our ...

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Critical need, demanding help.
19 days ago, after yet another phone call from the Housing officer at Shropshire Council,  that left me with no clear picture of what was happening and with no one at that point from Adult Social care willing to engage directly with me, I recorded a message...
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