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scripting the Open Build Service from scratch
(Well, not entirely.) In my day job I do packaging for openSUSE. My responsibility is taking care of the Python package ecosystem. Right now we are in the middle of one transition (to a different way of packaging Python modules) and starting another one (co...

please add an option to copy events from others to my calendar

when launching disa, it sometimes shows huge "what's new" screen, which, for whatever inexplicable reason, pauses my music.
make it not do that? please?

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google+ is the second largest app on my phone. (after Chrome)
what the actual fuck.
Google search is fourth. does it contain Google Now? if yes, then it's acceptable. otherwise, what the fucker fuck. the search app itself doesn't even do anything of note.

ňák mě ten g+ štve. nepoužívám ho a stejně šéruju spoustu věcí. kde to jsme.

ochocho, události? jak dlouho to tu už je?

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