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Finally got around to making a "support me on Patreon" video. Kept trying to figure out the right "script" for it, and then finally said fuck it and did it all in one take. Man I hate speaking into cameras.

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Adam Koebel's presentation at PAX is interesting and worth listening to. What's especially interesting is way that Adam holds up the rules of the game as something rather sacrosanct, even implying that it's disrespectful to the designer to not follow the rules of the game, while in most OSR games, the game is more of a general play activity supported by a number of sub-games that can be removed, added, or modified at the group's discretion.

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My wife just found this in the new kids' books section of our library. +Zak Sabbath​

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I reviewed The Rad Hack.

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New DIY DnD video review, this time of +Karl Stjernberg's The Rad-Hack, a post apocalyptic scifi revision of +David Black's Black Hack.

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Since the discovery of FTL, spacefaring civilizations across the universe have been frustrated by the Roil, a chaotic storm in one facet of hyperspace. Cutting through or just around the Roil reduces travel time dramatically to many destinations, but region's instability makes that a generally stupid option.

Of course, some people try it anyway. Adrenaline junkies looking for the next high, explorers looking for fame, criminals evading pursuit...the centuries have seen no end of attempts to face the Roil and live. Most do not.

Countless ships, from one-man corvettes to massive colonial transports have vanished into the storm, torn apart, it is generally assumed, by the region's forces. These assumptions are wrong.

Ships penetrating into the heart of the Roil are forcibly ejected from hyperspace, an event which typically leaves them heavily damaged and adrift. All of these ships are ejected into a single star system and are often forced to crash-land on one of its 5 rocky inner planets. Over the millennia, these planets have become riddled with the wrecks of fallen starships, from every species and culture across the cosmos.

The survivors have built a vast system-wide society out of the scrap that comes hurtling out of the sky. New derelicts are descended upon and salvaged for whatever technology and resources can be saved, and explorers continually search for undiscovered wrecks, buried by time, or still floating in orbit. Half of the time the technology found is barely comprehensible or so dangerous that it has to be sealed away again.

With the Roil raging in hyperspace all around the system, FTL escape is impossible. Ships that are repaired enough to fly are limited to sub-luminal travel within the system, salvaging, bounty-hunting, exploring, and trading, just waiting for their next big break. The Roil is a cruel mother, but she never forgets to feed her children.

Put in a big order of Lulu books during the last big sale. Started wonder if they ever shipped, so I checked Lulu and...I never ordered them. I feel a bit like I've slipped into another timeline, but I probably just forgot to click buy. I was so sure that I bought them that I took them off my I have to figure out what they were again, and wait for another sale.

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Here we go.

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This thing is just delightful. Excellent design, a simple but flexible system, a focus on survival and growing your tribe, grotesque setting. Reminds me of Kingdom Death and Dark Souls. Al it needs to be perfect is lot more random tables to generate content. 
So I haven't had the chance to dive into the text to read the game yet, but this is a beautifully laid out and illustrated RPG.
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