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오이소박이, Stuffed Cucumber Pickles
Crispy and spicy cucumber Kimchi!!! It goes so well with just steamed white rice. Specially, the feeling of crispy chewing is so good. Once you do first bite it, you will keep eating by its fun chewing and spicy taste.

Main ingredient
A. Cucumber
B. Chives
C. Onion
D. Red pepper sauce
E. Salt

How to enjoy?
A. Prepare just steamed rice
B. Scoop up a spoon of rice
C. Grab a chopsticks and pick up a piece of cucumber
D. Put a cucumber on the spoon of rice
E. Put rice and cucumber together into your mouth
F. Chew it slowly and feel the crispy and spicy taste
G. Swallow it and enjoy its taste as much as you can
H. Say 'So spicy and delicious~'
I. Take a break for 3 secs.
J. Scoop a next spoon of rice and put one piece of cucumber kimchi on the rice
K. Put it into your mouth and chew well
L. Go like this until finish all of them
M. After done, show your smile =D
N. Completed

Ok, then you got it how to eat it well. Let's go !!!

#cucumber #Kimchi
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National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner has spent years studying what he calls "longevity hot spots"—places in the world where people are living beyond their centennial birthdays. Now he shares with us their secret to a long—and healthy—life. #FutureofFood
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Photo of the Day: #YourShot member Ernie Vater traversed a frozen Lake Superior to capture this image of a setting sun shining through the ice. #photography
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Love gradually died when I was treated like a slave and a doormat for his insecurities, rancor, repetitive psychological abuse, and destructive criticisms.

As a divorcee mother, my daughters and I faced many uncertainties, but we launched our rockets of courage to face all adversities.

The prizes of my divorce are freedom, serenity, and new portals to a better life free of domestic violence.

Without divorce in the Philippines, many Filipinos may get stuck in a cycle of abuse, indifelity, disrespect, and loveless or unhappy marriages.  ~ Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn

#VAW   #Divorce  #PH #DomesticViolence #inspirational  
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To All Strong, Hard Working, Wonderful Women,
Happy International Women's Day on March 8, 2015
Sharing you an acrostic, inspirational audiovisual poem I wrote, "Make It Happen"
best regards,

‪#‎MakeItHappen‬ ‪#‎womensday‬ ‪#‎IWD2015‬ ‪#‎internationalwomensday‬ ‪#‎PaintItPurple‬
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This is a holiday for those who love the chills! 

Shivering holiday in Switzerland in an igloo hotel made with 3 thousand tons of ice.

The hotel in the Bernese Oberland opens on Christmas day and can accommodate up to 38 people at the same time. You sleep in special sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees below zero.

In the suite you can also have a Jacuzzi. Costs? Accessible at EUR 99.— for a room during the week rising to EUR 115.— on weekends.

Do you want to book a shivering holiday in Switzerland in an igloo hotel made with 3 thousand tons of ice and a magnificent view of the Matterhorn?


#Cervino #Matterhorn #IgluDorf
Photo Credit - Iglu Dorf GmbH
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Today, 6th of December is St. Nicholas feast. When my girls were small, we sailed in Lake Lugano. Hot chocolate and panetone are given while San Nicolao dressed in red mantel, white thick beard, holding a golden arched cane and a donkey, tells tales to children. He visits schools, children recite San Nicolao rhymes, he hands out peanuts, oranges and chocolates.

Read more my article about a Salad of Christmas tradition:

Today, December 6, 2014, in Lugano, Switzerland in Quartieri Maghetti celebrates "Arriva San Nicolao" (Arrival of San Nicolao) 

#SanNicolao #SaintNicholas #Lugano 
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"As you flew through my mind, now I sail through your heart.
In this voyage where the end is still unknown, but between low tides and high tides of this sea of challenges, we share a strong bond of our thoughts, joy, hope, faith, passion and a kind of love which we can’t identify yet but we both have its unique music beating harmoniously as we share each day we spent together.
Where we sail and anchor our heart fill up the multitude odyssey paving to the coming home of our soul." ~ Angelica Hopes

#odysseyofaheart #angelicahopes #Capri #chriscraftboats  #inspirational 
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