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Hannah Berman
a babe in the kitchen is worth two on the beach
a babe in the kitchen is worth two on the beach

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Calling all Bay Area history buffs (I'm looking at you, +Josh Schneider , +Max Davis , +Elka Weber , +Richard Seibert): Contractors found this photo in my attic this morning. Can anyone help me figure out exactly where and when it was taken? I'm thinking this has to be from the bottom of either University or Buchannon, probably late '40's or early '50s based on the cars... Maybe the buildings on the hill would be a tip off?

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another great perspective on the penn state riots vs. the berkeley protest yesterday

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this whole penn state things makes me so sad...

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i want to get this guy restored. anyone know any good taxidermists?

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Are you using gmail or G+ a lot? If so, do you use secure login ("two-step verification")?? You really should...don't take it from me, take it from +James Fallows:

"Here it is: if you use Gmail, please use Google’s new “two-step verification” system. In practice this means that to log into your account from any place other than your own computer, you have to enter an additional code, from Google, shown on your mobile phone. On your own computer, you enter a code only once every 30 days. ... In case you’ve missed the point: if you use Gmail, use this system. Also, make sure the recovery information for your account—a backup e-mail address or cell phone where you can receive password-reset information—is current. Google uses these to verify that you are the real owner."

Basically, if you spend a lot of time online, read his article. It's well worth your time.

To turn on two-step verification (yes, I know we need to give it a better name and simplify signup): click on your name in the top right of your screen, click "Account Settings", then "Edit" on the "Using 2-step verification" line, and you'll be guided through the rest.

i have three extra tickets to the A's pyro game on friday the 29th- anyone want them? they were $19 each and are in section 128...

I'm allergic to myself :( (the cadmium sulfide in the yellow ink on one of my tattoos, specifically)
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