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Salah Zalatimo
Attended Columbia University
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  • Columbia University
    Economics - Operations Research, 1997 - 2001
  • Columbia Business School
    Management, 2005 - 2007
  • Wyoming Seminary Prep School
    1993 - 1997
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Halal cart food at the next level - higher quality, freshly made, clever twists. Check it out!
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On point. The coffee is Brooklyn Roasting Company which is delicious. The barristas are pros. The baked goods are Balthazar. The bar in the back is perfect combo of chill and hip. They're doing a lot of things right.
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The jersey city Newport mall location is awesome. Always prompt, friendly and professional.
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This place made it clear that their priority was money. My dog got bloat at 1030pm. I rushed her over there, and upon entering, first order of business was making me sign a waiver to confirm i would pay for any expense that arises, "which may be in excess of $600". This is before any diagnosis. After 45 minutes of checkup, the vet came upstairs and told me that I had two options: $8,000 surgery or "humane euthanasia". And i had to decide right now, b/c every minute that passed, her chances for survival were falling. I fortunately did not have pet insurance or $8,000 to cover the surgery. B/c after the second time that i told him i wasn't able to pay for the surgery, a third option magically appeared that only cost $1,200 which was to pump my dog's stomach to see if the stomach will untwist on its own. After they pumped her stomach, they did an other x-ray of her stomach and found it had only partially untwisted. With this news, which was minutes after the stomach pumping, the vet returned to tell me "without any doubt, her stomach will twist again, so surgery is really the only option." I asked if she was in pain right now. He said no, but once her stomach twists again, which "will happen with certainty", she will be in awful pain and if we are not going to do the surgery, we should do the right thing and pursue "humane euthanasia". It was now 1am, and for the third time, the vet tells me I have to "humanely" murder my dog. I refused, and said I'd rather take her home and let her die at home with me. I was not going to put her down unless she was on the brink of death. After some back and forth, he reluctantly agreed. When he returned from "checking with the critical care doctor", he told me they did one final x-ray and her stomach was totally back to normal. They tried to take advantage of a visibly distraught owner with limited knowledge. If you could see my dog now, and think she was that close to being put down, you wouldnt believe it. Even that $8,000 surgery, only has an 80% survival and 70% complications rate. Never again.
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