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Trouble in Paradise
After the show at PVF and my personal best score for dressage I had three weeks to prep for my next show. Only, I was hurting pretty bad from wreaking my shoulder. Still, time waits for no woman, so I pulled up my big girl panties and headed to the barn on ...

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Subaru Ownership: 1. I don't drive inside the lines on the road very well. Specifically, I cheat the corners and am sometimes distracted. My car now beeps at me when it thinks I am getting too close. I think it must think I am a slow learner. 2. My dash is ...

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Catching Up
Ashke decided he was going to play stallion games with his gelding neighbor and ended up either giving himself a splint low on the inside of his RF, or badly bruised the bone. He also gashed the shin on his RH. He is a bit lame and I am unable to ride much ...

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Plane View Farms Schooling Show 2017
Our HCWE show at Plane View Farms happened last weekend. We held the Introductory rides on Saturday, which both J and I worked, after which I went to wash my urine stained horse. Even after copious amounts of bluing shampoo, he was still stained yellow. How...

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Four Days
Before my trip to see my mom in Arizona, Ashke and I were fighting. I don't know if the maxim of "distance makes the heart grow fonder" works with horses, but we both seem to be past that point. My ride on Sunday, although short, was very good. My only issu...

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Home Again
The trip was fairly uneventful. The dogs only tried to kill every motorcycle or bicycle on the road that they saw. The boy spent the night before the drive playing xbox and hanging out with his friends on line, then slept the entire drive. At least we didn'...

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I finally realized last night that both Ashke and I are tired and we both need a bit of a break. We got in a bit of a fight on Monday over going back to canter work after sitting and talking with a barn fellow for twenty minutes. He didn't think he should h...

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WE Playday
We have a show in three weeks, at Plane View Farm, where Ashke and I will be showing at L3 (Novice B). I had hoped for an opportunity to ride an EOH course before then and the BO at PVF heard my spoken/unspoken wish and scheduled a playday for anyone intere...

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A Week
Time sure flies when you are busy. My week included playing driver for the young man suddenly inhabiting my house, which resulted in 200 miles of driving in three days so he could spend time with his new girl. We are hoping this will motivate him to find a ...

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Barn Party WE Style
 One of the reasons I spent Mom's Day working on obstacles is because of our pending Barn Party and Intro to WE we were having at my barn. And Babe, the Big Blue Bull, perished this winter so I needed the Burro Bull, anyway. So, by Saturday, most of the stu...
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