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Planning on integrating this with my Columnizer workflow to help establish better gutter control :)  Good times.

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This plugin had exactly the logic I was looking for (subpages in context).

in my sidebar I used this code to toggle between a couple of these widgets:

if(is_child(8) || is_page(8)) {
} else if(is_child(14) || is_page(14)) {

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Open source mass file renamer!!!  This saved me countless minutes and repetitive mouse clicks already:

To help in weeding out truly serious (and stable) clients, there's this great article I recommend to any developer needing the right information before committing to a client.

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SageThumbnails is a program I recently discovered in the process of finding a more reliable way to view PSD/PDF/EPS thumbnails.  Check it out here:

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Okay, epic times ... I just installed:

Now my SkyDrive is syncing alias folders to local folders on two computers ... talk about being in two places at once with cloud technology ... opens doors to maintaining remote copies of systems configs :)

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Kristian Hansen Designs worked with Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell in product packaging development and it's a true pleasure to see this device make it do development.  Please support this product and donate to get this wonderful product launched in a Pet Store near you!

Majestic SEO helped resolve some backlinks I had forgotten about.  Thank you!

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Kristian Hansen Designs just got it's first two reviews on Yelp today! Awesome!
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