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Elsie Escobar
Yogini Podcaster, New Media Strategist and Mac Girl. Bringing out the geek in the yogi and the yogi in the geek with accessible tech & new media spiced with yoga.
Yogini Podcaster, New Media Strategist and Mac Girl. Bringing out the geek in the yogi and the yogi in the geek with accessible tech & new media spiced with yoga.


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Here's what I want to do and would appreciate any help.

I do most if not all of my consumption of audio via podcast.

I'm also a crazy learner and often purchase courses on tons of stuff.

What keeps me from finishing said courses is that I have to manually log into secure websites, download audio/video/pdf files, transfer these files to the cloud, so I can access OR I have to log into the website using my mobile device and consume that way.
This is ANNOYING. And in all honesty I just don't have time for that.

The problem that I want solved:

I want to be able to download all files from the course (usually they provide a zip file to do so), upload them to dropbox. Create a podcast RSS feed - using Feeder - and subscribe to my make-shift podcast via my podcatcher of choice FOR MY OWN PERSONAL CONSUMPTION.

I've tried to do this using Feeder. I think that it can be done, BUT I think it has to be somehow connected to a website? or not?

I found this tutorial but there are some parts that I feel I'm missing and I don't know how to get them. I'm not a Feeder user but have owned Feeder for many years:

How to Create Course Podcast Feed Using Feeder

Am I wrong?

Is someone well versed on using Feeder that can help me create super simple podcast RSS feeds NOT CONNECTED TO A WEBSITE?????

Does this make sense?

I also wanted to create a podcast for my family that had to do with our family's moving - only for our immediate family, that is not connected to a website, just audio files - would essentially be the same thing.

Help please?

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We did have a pretty awesome Tuesday :)
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Love it when podcasters take action.

Good stuff UK Podcasters!
We've been instigating a little bit of conversation about building community as podcasters, not with our audiences but really with each other.

Check out what the UK Podcaster community is doing

Good stuff don't you think?

Do you feel that we as a community need to take responsibility for our own growth AS a community?

#podcasting #community
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I've just found a little truffle of heaven on earth via @AlterEcoSF

Just introduced to these lovely Dark Black Truffles from Alter Eco. O.M.G. Inhaled 2 in NOTIME.

All around killer product. It makes delighting in chocolate an even more blissful experience!

▸ Compostable wrappers - holla!
▸ The yummy inside - COCONUT OIL mixed with cocoa!
▸ 7 INGREDIENTS! Cane sugar, cacao beans, coconut oil, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, caramel flavor, vanilla beans
▸ Socially just, reliably delicious + environmentally responsible = awesome

Companies like this make me insanely #happy.

#chocolate #yummy #sustainable #green #responsible
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I'm looking for an iPhone RSS reader that has the ability to share to G+. Does that even exist?

Have any if you hacked some sort of workflow for posting to G+ without being in G+?

This is not to spam or to not engage, it's just that my lifestyle currently doesn't allow for the luxury of opening and closing apps. Crazy right? #mamaproblems

I currently use Reeder for iPhone and Mr Reader on the iPad.

I'm rarely on my iPad so something for iPhone would be killer :)

thanks in advance!

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Wanna celebrate Earth Day in a way that is actually relevant AND can shift our relationship with the earth plus with ourselves?

It's gonna take some participation on your end though!

My friend Cate Stillman has made it super easy for you. Just download, and print her little tips and put them somewhere in your kitchen (fridge.) Keep reading it, and at some point you'll take another action...

To those of you that are already on it, I'm sure when you read her tips you'll get even more fired up!

Number 11 is one of my favorites.

This is what's gonna change the world. It really is up to us, there's no quick answer, and it necessitates a much deeper relationship with our environment than we are used to 

#yogeek   #earthday2014    #ecoawareness   #sustainability  
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Thank you Google! Wow, it's totally rad.
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If you've been feeling like you must give...Just do it

Urgent holiday need!  Help support the Holiday Gift Project and win Pens tickets!  We still need to raise $1200!  Can you help?  Please +1 and share - #pittsburgh #christmas
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If I could, I'd be all over this giveaway! I've been wanting to add a new microphone to my mix :) 

#podcasting   #podcaster   #giveaway  
Win a little something something for your #podcast production next year!

We've got a fun little giveaway and it involves #selfies. You're doing it anyway, so why not win some podcasting gear along the way?

Here are the deets! #giveaway
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I'm looking for a Google+/Google expert.

I was a very early adopter of G+ and because of that the email address attached to my profile is not the one that I want to grow and build on - it's one of the main reasons I don't do much in G+.

I want to switch to another email address as my main Google account without loosing my circles/posts/etc.

Has anyone successfully transitioned from a gmail address to a google apps account as their main account?

I'm not looking for how to use G+. I'm specifically looking for help with my main profile now which is connected to my YouTube channel, photos and all that jazz to be connected to my google apps email address NOT my current personal email account. 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, people, communities, blogs, tutorials, etc!
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