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I'm swimming-biking-running with Team World Vision to help provide clean water for communities in Africa. The needs are real, but there is something we can do!

$50 = clean water for 1 person

Will you donate to provide clean water for 1, 2, 3, or even more people in Africa?

Together we can help change lives in Africa across Ghana, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia.

- - -
The Race: On June 21st I'll swim-bike-run in the Clackamas Cove Triathlon (you're welcome to join me). Last year was my first attempt at a triathlon; this time I want to not only place first in my age division, but more importantly: reach this goal of providing clean water for 30 people in Africa? Will you join me?

- - -
World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.

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" ... running not only keeps you healthy, it can also keep you young."

» It’s January 12th. How’s that New Year’s resolution going? Many people make resolutions to get in better shape. And if you took up running to do that, there’s evidence that you made the right choice.

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Ran more than 1,600 miles (250 hours) in 2014. Was a good year out there on the roads. #outsideisfree #stravaproveit  

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Took a jetboat ride today on the Willamette River, with twenty men who are in recovery from drug & alcohol abuse/addictions. We were drenched in grace. #recreate  

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We followers of Jesus try so hard to summarize what He means, turning His words into eternal life advice. But Jesus has another message: DIE first, then live.

Read my guest post on Tyler Braun’s blog: Discipleship in the Life Advice Age
+Jeff Patterson understands the times and has some thoughts on following Jesus during this age of life advice.

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Emerson said, “To fill the hour — that is happiness” & we’ve changed it: “fill every hour & be happy.” —+Tyler Braun

Whether our Mamas are right next door or already ahead of us in glory, we rejoice this weekend ...

“Everything I have done, I have done in spite of you.”

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With Easter upon us, "religion" is a buzzing topic. And how Christianity relates to all kinds of political, social, and moral issues. Know what makes for a good, kind, consistent argument. 

My own mundane life is juxtaposed with the laughing, flawless “winners” who grace every screen, page, billboard and stage.
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