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Dealing with Opinions
This is the problem I have dealing most of my life. I have to pretend to like some things to please someone else. It is a misrable feeling to lie like that. For example, I do not like Pirates and the Caribbean.  To me it was so hard to watch the movie from ...

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Update of my life
Hello it has been awhile since I have been blogging. I am in a better place now. I have so much to talk about now than I ever had in the past two years. I even consider talk about my veiws on my intrest and being a disability activists. I hope anyone could ...

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How to Be a Friend on the Autism Spectrum
Lately the  diagnoses  of autism is on the rise. Right now it is 1 out of 68 and I  personally  think that we should aware there are more autistic  people  in the world now than it ever have in last 20 years. I have would give this advice to anyone that hav...

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Lack Of Eye Contact
This subject here is the one that a lot of people need to understand. I can give eye contact to anyone that I am talking to face to face. The problem is that looking directly in the eye is really unconfertable. That feeling itself is like someone just thoug...

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Autism Awareness Month
The month of April is Awareness month. The original way of Autism Awareness month is mostly run by Autism Speaks. I never been interested on the organization when i was younger. As I got older I realize from my other autistic friends that the organization i...

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Autistic Role Modles
This post that I am writing about is tied to what i am writing about the last time. I said Temple Graindin is one of the few people I do like as a person and someone that motivate me as a person. I have to say that she is not my role model because she mostl...

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I not Temple Grandon
I am actually doing my own opinion
on this blog I just read like few weeks ago. I actually agree that this person
that wrote the blog about this issue mostly in women that is on the autism
spectrum. I will post her original blog right below.  I realize that...

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The Abnormal Fitting In to the Socal World
This entry that I am going to talk about is been on my mind for quite some time. I am dealing with fitting in the social world. Even when I was younger it is hard for me to fit in. I try so hard at the time to act a certain way that a typical person does na...

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Things People Should Say To A Autistic Person
Before I write this post I have this person's blog a long time ago. Her name is Lyndia Brown and she is an Autistic Activist.  I like most of her blogs and this one I am about to write did stick up to me the most because some of them I could related to. Her...

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My Obsticals Of My High School Years
This post right here is going to be the most emotional one for me and it is pretty long so please bear with me. High School for me was the most stressful thing that I have had to deal in a long time. There were some good things that happened to me and there...
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