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Benny Jones (Benny Jones Jr.)
Cool, formal, skeptical, complex, and challenging. Appeal to my creativity and innovation.
Cool, formal, skeptical, complex, and challenging. Appeal to my creativity and innovation.

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BrendonBurchard always inspiring and this is no exception...
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Looking for google glass developers for Embry-Riddle. You will need to submit a proposal. Thanks!

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Can you beat my time...???

* Gator Strong: Modified Beast Mode Workout *

* Original Beast Mode Workout on YouTube *

50-pushups [ss] 25-Pullups
40-pushups [ss] 20-Pullups
30-pushups [ss] 15-Pullups
20-pushups [ss] 10-Pullups


And I am probably older than Mr. Juice by at least 15-years too and I finished off the rest of my pizza from Saturday after I got home...

* Modified Beast Mode *

I start with 30m of Cardio and finished with 15m of MBW. Can you beat my time...

// 30min Treadminll
- 5m Warmup: 3.0Mph
- 10m Incline: 3.5Mph/4.5I
- 10m HIT: 3.0-2m/6.0-2m
- 10m Flat: 3.5Mph/0.0I
- 5m Cooldown: 2.5Mph

// 15min: Pushups [superset] Pullups [superset] Abs
- Pushups: 50/40/30/20
- Pullups: 20/15/10/5
- Abs: 20/20/2/20

Total time = 45 min

Everything in moderation, have a good week.
#gators #beastmode #beatmytime #workout
+Active. Healthy. Well. 
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Can you beat my time...???
Friday Workout Bout Damn Near Killed Me...

Total 1h15m can you beat it, do your own modification...

//Warm up: 30min
- 30m Lifecycle at Level 12 as Warmup

//Leg Workout: 45min
Giant Set: Leg Press/SmithSqts/LegCurl/LegExt/HexDeadlifts/Abs=1 set. 4 Rounds or sets in the following order

- Leg Press: 4X45X50/6X45X40/8X45X20
- SmithSqts: 185X10/185X10/185X10/185X10
- Leg Curl: /100X20/100X20/100X20/100X20
- Leg Ext: 150X20/150X20/150X20/150X20
- Hex Deadlift: 225X10/225X10/225X10/225X10
- Abs: 20/20/20/20

Don't worry about the weights some are going to do more or less focus on the exercises and the time. Normally I can get this done in 60min but Friday is a tough day to workout.

Let me know if you can beat it for time 60min.
+Active. Healthy. Well. 

Minimal Effective Dose....
Sunday, Shoulders/Arms (My Fav Workout Day):
34-minute (4m-Warmup; 20m-Weights; 10-CardioHIT)
- 4m Lifecycle
- 20m Weights (Drop sets)
- - Curls: 135X5, 115X5, 95X8
- - Shoulder Press: 65X12, 45X12, 35X12
- - Side Laterals: 25X12, 15X12
- - Tricep Ext: 130X12 ss/w Mch Curls: 120X8 = 2 Sets
- 10m HIT Lifecycle: 1min@50w; 30sec@300-400w
*To get out in 34-min you have got to be moving through with minimal rest and your focus and concentration have to be right.

::+Active. Healthy. Well. 

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Get organized, I hope this helps......
Let's start the week right, get organized => (1) Activities: Make a weekly list of activities by category: these include work projects, professional development, family time, and personal time (ie: Exercise, Yoga, etc.); (2) To Do's: Create a list of daily things to do: Prioritize the items from #1; (3) Appointments: After prioritizing #1 & #2, schedule your appointments. Hope you have a good week.

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