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Intervju med Inger - Ekholm Svensson
Intervju med Inger – Ekholm Svensson Vi har intervjuat Inger – Ekholm Svensson, rektor på Nils
Fredriksson Utbildning i Svedala. Var och när föddes
du? Jag föddes i Värnersborg 1949 Vad jobbade du med
innan du började här i Svedala? Jag har jobbat som studi...

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How to handle stage fright!
to handle stage fright  Hi everyone! This blogpost is just an idea that popped into
my head while I was eating my afternoon snack, some cereals. Once it had gotten
into my head I couldn’t get it out and different tips and stuff kept popping
into my head...

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Sorry I've been MIA lately, things have been a bit crazy. February basically consisted of tons and tons and tons of rehearsals for my play at the theatre. A bit stressful, and a lot of tiredness but in the end the play went off without (almost.. ) any hitch...

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How to handle stage freight!

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Literally Lizzie channel.
Hi all you people out there, it's me , again! Thank you all for reading so far, feels great to be back! Basically only writing this post to tell you that I've started a youtube channel, where I try to vlog. Have only done some test things so far, but I have...

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Wow, the Christmas holiday sure went by fast and it's already January.. well February, almost.  January sure started of with a big bang. First my friend Anja, from the netherlands came to visit me. She stayed for almost a week and we had a blast. Went swimm...

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Lizzie's book club! #1 - BOOKFRIDAY!
It's Friday, Friday... It's BOOK FRIDAY!! Hi and welcome to my first ever book club! where, I will recommend a book for you to read every friday.. also feel free to discuss the books in the great option, called comments. So today the book I will recommend i...

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Hello there, been a few days huh? Well.. not much have been going on, rainy rainy days. Been home from school today, so I've been reading "the statistical probability of love at first sight", by Jennifer E Smith (Lauren's editor), for the second time. It's ...

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Rainy Mc Rainy days!
Hi there! I've decided to try to do one post every day, or at least every other day. so today has been rainy and freezing cold (wow I'm complaining about the weather already!), but seriously so freaking cold, I could freeze my arse off! I even drank tea tod...
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