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i like dancing in abandoned warehouses! :D
I do the same thing when the weather is too bad to power walk I dance in my living room...lol :)
it was from footloose if you didn't understand the reference
nice i actually don't dance
i play the clarinet
fourth year in a row
Ashley, can you give me ur skype id, i want to learn dance with you, please
You have such an amazing talent, that is on par with the likes of Gene Kelly. I make a lame attempt at dancing in my living room. Prefer singing though not much better I think. 
I dance wherever I can...Dancing cleanses the soul! So DANCE!!!
Don't need music .The beat is in my head.just dance and dance and Stop do you hear that beat.. Dance and Dance and Stop.
hmmmm sounds interesting...
Don't dance much these days, but have been known to throw a wicked hoof after a few bevvies ;)
Aikku L
Couple years ago I tryed some dance moves after I watched " do you think you can dance" and get hurt my back so badly that I`ve not been dancing since:(
I dance in the grocery store when the music is really good. Just a little  dance when no one is around.
Forget dancing home alone, my friend.. I dance silly when my wife is around to give her a good laugh - it's the wannabe entertainer in me
aimee C
where ever I feel like it:)
I love dancing when I'm alone. I get home move the furniture a bit and just practice.
Also anytime I am ever in a place that has dubstep playing, I go all out haha
i love TO dance....in my room..and in stage....i was born to dance..
it's mine to i know the feeling
Home alone. What else do you do? Dance.... thats what you do
I dance almost everywhere, school, yoga, home, and etc.
I dance anywhere that has space, me and my friends try and come up with random dances sometimes :)
hey pls am new here can i be a firend
dancing opens the door to joy and alot more like touching the skyon one try,when you are upset dance and watch stress fly away ,when you are feeling good dance that smile on your face you can give away,dance for god  feel  the joy deep inside your heart..poet terry fernando newton,miami
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