A penny for your thoughts
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only a penny? what happened to inflation? LOL
Canada is getting rid of their penny, about time...
a penny is not worth a penny anymore
uhhhhhh........ penny please....:)
but a penny use to be a lot you kno i ask my sister if she lets a poor person borrow a penny would they have to give it back she said yess...:( that's sad huh?
"A penny for my thoughts. Oh no! I'll save 'em for a dollar".
-If I Die Young
lol want to be my friend on google
They won't be worth much anymore in Canada - they're being discontinued this year.
hmm a penny for ons thoughts has Seriously gone up-or that what you have anti in
thats a lot of pennies
I threw a penny in a well, what I wished I cannot tell. My thoughts however aren't interesting enough to tell
sorry I don't wanna kiss you, and I don't have a dime.
if i got a penny for my thoughts i will be a rich
Canada is doing away with the penny and I heard that the US will too. I don't know when this is suppose to happen.
I wonder if he goes black and can I make him not go back....hehe
Well.. saw one of your posts featured and looked at your others. Turns out you're a celebrity that doesn't have crappy posts, and by that I mean every single post is not a plug in for some product you're selling. :) 
+1 for you sir. 
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