Battleship: Better as a game or a movie?
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Probably better as a BEER
BUt I havent seen one like that yet

I'll let you know if I do
Well, for me having watched it twice - it is like a game to me..
i would go for the movie.
It wasn't that bad as a movie so I would say movie
battleship the game is ok my opinion DONT GET OFFENDID!!!
A game. It was completely laughable as a movie. In the theater here in France everyone was laughing at the movie even though it wasn't a comedy. It was SO over the top "Go America" it was verging on disgusting.
LOL @ comments that followed my previous comment, truth be told yes it was a waste of resources to make it into a movie but i've seen worse so i'll still say movie
the game is like a lot of movie adaptation some shit just to make some money! the film is just a big movie like any other else...
game... actually reviews said that this movie couldn't get any worse
haven't seen the movie yet, but the game is amazingly fun.
game definetly. i luv rihanna but still i like the game
Going to see it now, will let you know.
Well I think they are both so-so what do you think Harry?
i say game... im not sure about the movie yet :P
i agree the game is the way to go
It's better to but my butt to sleep with either way.
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