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Battleship: Better as a game or a movie?
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Probably better as a BEER
BUt I havent seen one like that yet

I'll let you know if I do
Well, for me having watched it twice - it is like a game to me..
It wasn't that bad as a movie so I would say movie
game. the movie sucks very poor plot the only thing that saved it was the graphics
battleship the game is ok my opinion DONT GET OFFENDID!!!
game and movie
and don't forgot to study
A game. It was completely laughable as a movie. In the theater here in France everyone was laughing at the movie even though it wasn't a comedy. It was SO over the top "Go America" it was verging on disgusting.
LOL @ comments that followed my previous comment, truth be told yes it was a waste of resources to make it into a movie but i've seen worse so i'll still say movie
the game is like a lot of movie adaptation some shit just to make some money! the film is just a big movie like any other else...
game... actually reviews said that this movie couldn't get any worse
haven't seen the movie yet, but the game is amazingly fun.
game... but then again ive never seen the movie.
game definetly. i luv rihanna but still i like the game
Going to see it now, will let you know.
Well I think they are both so-so what do you think Harry?
i say game... im not sure about the movie yet :P
i agree the game is the way to go
It's better to but my butt to sleep with either way.
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