“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” - John Lennon
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I sang that song at my 5th grade graduation!
THAT SONG u did it on glee brill song!:)
"Imagine all the people livin' for today." <3 This song always breaks my heart.
So many feathers in that hat, might as well just fly away itself. Haha. <3 you forever Lennon.
never heard of john Lennon, but i do like what he said. :)
I love this! He is a very inspirational person! I love John Lennon and The Beatles!:)♥
This is a great shot. I guess I'm a dreamer, helping the world with love.
imagine... ah i love that song... peace to all over the world people
i know that it's not the Beatles but... someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection. the lovers, the dreamers, and me.
one of the forner band members of the Beetles, he went solo ,and was murdered by some STALKER NUT CASE , wh
Ilana B
I LOVE BEATLES! Too bad some crazy pea brain murdered John! ARGH!
OMG ! someone just wrote a lame " ? " PLEASE go to Love quotes !!!!!!!!
Even if you didn't agree with his philosophy, you have to admit he was one hello of a great song writer
i like the comment on the top and also the pic is cool
yes and no
he was interesting cause now he's dead
but is interesting cause i'm learnng about him now
An amazing man all around. All he wanted was the best for everyone
Everything happens for a reason. Or at least there's an explanation. I still think it's a hoax.
That's a quote from my favorite song You think John Lennons death was a hoax?
If the world lived as one it would be a pretty boring place to live!!!!!
boredom is a state of mind, seeing that we all live and experience every little thing in our minds. It must be the one place where everything is happening and anything can happen when all else fails.
I'm sorry Sally but I see nothing at the top that says anything about the mind, but even so ,if all minds thought a like where would the great one be. Check your mind.
john lennon is the best the beatles are the best band ever
I love being a dreamer. I hope some day everyone wil join me.
Well there are tooo many abnormal people for the world to be as 1 soooo il keep dreaming a dream inside that dream about that dream till i wake from that dream and the world has changed....
comeing from are new zealand sheep fucker thats grand
I aint a sheep fucker and you will find them far souf but not wea i live lol... You must just be a racist..... owel i hope your shyt life turns out after giving your criticism to people you dont know at all. MMMMMMMWAH!
i was only jokein thats what us aussis do you where calling people abnormal thats not cool ive got Murri cousins so what the fuck would you no
I just read all the comments ,marked the ones I liked , laughed @ the teacher on bored who corrrected someone else, & mispelled a word herself . now we are on sheep fuckers ???? time for some to move on to something else ???
Dreams..... so amazing! They can take you far!
we all have a dream we share with john lennon
I love John Lennon soooooooo much. The Beatles are one of my favorite bands. i like paul a bit more though.
i love John lennon!! he was awesome!!
Thanx for getting back to John Lennon ... : )
That's not John Lennon, that's the god Hermes, wearing his winged hat.
Great quote, and love the hat! :D
I love this song for these words. Wonderful.
Something I've wished for, but won't happen :-/
I'm gonna take a take a gander that the stripes on that coat are velvety and so is that spiffy top-hat of his. We've got ourselves a double offender ya'll!
aw i think its cute i love the coat! :D
Please check this out!

It was inspired by Harry's awesome post!!
His coat and his hat is ugggly but its cute!!!!!
my grandma would play this song for me when i was little and read me the book it was my favorite bedtime story
i really hope that it can happen!
He may have seemed like a good man, but he was the one responsible for saying, "We're more famous than Jesus." No one is more famous than Jesus.
Trashing John Lennon is weak. more famous than Jesus well, its just an opinion.everyone including god is entitled to one, Defending Jesus is ok, making hateful remarks is counter productive. Forgiveness is very much like love you can be the better person because of it.
dạy tôi học tiếng anh đi.
Lyrics from imagine...one of my favorite songs!
I love that song its so beautiful
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