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When Words Count Retreat
Writing a Book? Our Highly Individualized Advanced Writing Workshop and Author Coaching Services Help Ready Books for Publication
Writing a Book? Our Highly Individualized Advanced Writing Workshop and Author Coaching Services Help Ready Books for Publication


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Impressions from our first guests. We're glad to say everyone enjoyed their experience at our writers retreat. From the views to the food, our guests' expectations were "exceeded and exceeded again."
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The hit comic book and TV show, The Walking Dead, has turned into a real attraction! What book would you want to come alive this Halloween?
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (drum roll), we have our winners! The following list contains ALL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS in the When Words Count Retreat Grand Opening Giveaway. (Congratulations to each and every one of you!) Each winner is listed by first name initial and last name, as well as his or her state/province and country of residence. Please look over the list carefully. If you do not receive an email or phone call from us before 5 p.m. EST Wednesday, contact us, via email, at: The following point is extremely important: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LISTED either "info" or "jon"" as a contact in your email. Regardless, be sure to check your spam box before panicking. So,
here are the winners:
J Martin MD USA
J Dunlap MD USA
R Harris CT USA
E Drummond ON CA
S Stein OH USA
L Browning CT USA
M Williams-Russell MA USA
J Mouzakis IA USA
R Salmon-McKenzie NY USA
G Norris NH USA
P Grossman NY USA
L Mannetti NY USA
P Sheehy CT USA
K Johnson NY USA
P Taylor OH USA
S Price NJ USA
B Peacock VA USA
A Holloman NC USA
M Small VT USA
N Williams NY USA
M Bostwick CT USA
A Greaney-Ellrott MA USA
A Maiden VA USA
N Holzner NY USA
J Spence NJ USA
T Rhyne CA USA
A Wooten NY USA
L Kepner NH USA
L Frenette NY USA
D Bredes VT USA
C Addison-Bailey PA USA
L Purcell VA USA
M Badji VA USA
P Kling PA USA
J Cannon MA USA
L Vosika MN USA
C Dunagan OK USA
S Constsable NY USA
J Aislin NJ USA
E Henderson NY USA
S Henry VT USA
R Levine NY USA
P Warner NY USA
L Cordeiro MA USA

Remember, winners, for now, do nothing. We will contact you all, simultaneously, via email, with the information you will need to tell us your date preferences and to claim your prizes. As a reminder, the available dates will either be Monday/Tuesday night stays thru Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday/Thursday night stays thru Friday afternoon. While we will have these dates available for every week week of October, the number of available dates may vary from week-to-week. (You will receive detailed information about all of this.) Again, congratulations from all of us at the Retreat!
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Your odds of writing a bestseller are 1:220 and your chances of winning a trip to our writer's retreat? 1 in 3 will win! Be sure to enter now!
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“For me, a place unvisited is like an unrequited love. A dull ache that- try as you might to think it away, to convince yourself that she really wasn't the right country for you- just won't leave you in peace.”
― Eric Weiner, "The Geography of Bliss"

Don't let that dull ache come to you! Enter our sweepstakes and win a 3day stay at our Writers Retreat!
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Great advice and quotes from the best in the writing business. Get inspired!
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“Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

And let US welcome YOU to our writers retreat! Enter our sweepstakes to recieve a free 3 day stay!
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Our giveaway requires entrants to be a published author. That includes self-published, indie published and traditionally published authors! If you're not yet published, here's how to spread your words with the world.
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