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Above the Bar Brewing
Above the bar is where we aim for all of our products to consistently be.
Above the bar is where we aim for all of our products to consistently be.

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The older yeast we used last weekend (re: Fuzzbox Brown Ale) doesn't seem to be doing its job. We will give it a boost today And get things going the way they should be.

Our NW Pale Ale went very fast. Going to need to start brewing bigger batches. Also working out a Habanero Wheat recipe for the summer. I suppose if we make it right, people won't be able to pound it down.

The spring rains are here, so the hops will water themselves for a bit. Meanwhile, we will be brewing up a batch of NW Pale Ale today. New recipe,  so hopefully the yeast is motivated, as we are eager to try this one.

As we usher out 2012, we just want to take the time to wish you (collectively) a happy new year. Have a great night, and be responsible!

Will be kegging a batch of Brown Ale for Halloween, later. Then to work on some new recipes for the winter and coming year.

Moving batches of pale ale and IPA to kegs tonight. Will try and squeeze in a batch or two this weekend.

It is always great when brew day goes super smooth, and multiple batches come off without a hitch. Yesterday we brewed a variation of our Citra IPA along with our Fuzzbox Brown Ale. At some point later this week, we will crank out a pale.

Crappy Memorial Day Weekend Weather has nixed the camping plans. I guess I can always get the CO2 refilled, pick up some other supplies we are running low on; and hell, maybe even brew a batch or two this weekend.

Time to take the final gravity and keg the Citra IPA tonight.

We will be make an experimental hoppy Brown today. Playing with Sorachi Ace hops. Such an interesting hop. I find it imparts flavors unlike any other hop.
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