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I have heard theres a thing going around FaceBook called the "Book Challenge" where you name the top 10 favourite book or books that changed your life. I was wondering if we could start it on here? +Jess McCurry +Nathaniel Finch

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This Teacher’s Day, tweet us your best memory of this special day with the hashtag #Education4All. We promise to compile and share them with you.

Teachers play an invaluable role in creating a child-friendly school environment and in providing child-centered learning to ensure education quality. Pupil-Teacher Ratio is essential for effective learning environment (at least one teacher for 30 students at the primary level according to RTE norm). The state shall ensure adequate support to teachers leading to improved outcomes of children.

31 March 2015 is the second important milestone in implementation of the targets set by the RTE Act. RTE mandates that all teachers are professionally trained and supported to continuously assess and improve children’s learning. To ensure quality education, teacher education and development programmes require significant improvement. It is important to ensure the system of continuous capacity building and mentoring for teachers. At the present moment about 30% Primary schools and 15% Upper Primary Schools still do not have teachers as per norms (presentation with data/details is attached). Out of 77.22 lakhs teachers 60.32 lakhs (78.11%) are professionally qualified, while 16.90 lakhs (21.89%) are NOT professionally qualified (2013-2014).

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Hello fellow Googlers, 
                                         I have started a new blog for smokers and non-smokers to know about the health risks and to provide help for smokers who would like to quit. Hope you all take a look! :D See you all!

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Simply, the greatest books ever written :)

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