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Values and fact based public advocacy - action for people and planet
Values and fact based public advocacy - action for people and planet

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Basis of my press complaint. Dunno whether it's got legs, however nothing ventured nothing gained.

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Appeal to sustainers – TPP roadie carries on - March 2017
TPP roadie carries on - Pure Politics - Public Interest Policy Greetings
dear friends My name is Greg Rzesniowiecki
and I am a public advocate. I work for what I sense are the best
policies for my home of choice Aotearoa New Zealand. I came here 21
years ag...

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This is motivated by my desire to place chemtrails in a context, not to discredit the idea that geoengineering is imagined, more to identify the chemtrail conspiracy is likely a deliberate disinformation project by fossil fuel interests to engender public acceptance and support for climate change mitigation based on geoengineering.

I've not considered the implication of reflective materials placed in the upper atmosphere to enable the efficacy of HAARP type systems - I have no idea what might be at work in regard to such projects.

Regarding Climate Change, given the resistance to do meaningful change that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, geoengineering proposals will become 'attractive' for no other reason than to appear to be applying some remedy even if it is an infected bandaid.

Ideally we see the need for collective and deliberate action to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions quickly - that requires an informed public - I trust this might help in that regard.

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This is interesting - Scott Pruitt, Trump's climate science denying EPA chief.

So this guy did both political science and communications bachelor degrees at Georgetown University. I wrote the university asking for his thesis. Here's the email, dropbox pdf:

The answer came back;

" Hello Greg,

Georgetown College is a private institution. Student work products are not publicly available without a student’s consent.

Actually, we would not have any documents related to this individual, since with the exception of Honors theses, by policy, documents are not retained for more than four years.

Jim Allison "

We live in a post truth world - for sure!

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TPP Free Wellington - Final report for 2016
Is TPP dead and buried? Will Trump renege on his election pledge to bury the TPP?  It is the grass roots movement that made TPP unpalatable for all the Presidential candidates in the US election, especially when Bernie Sanders came out so strongly against t...

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solstice and seasons greetings, Working on an open, egalitarian and abundant 2017 with a mind to history's lessons - you too?

<3 :-) <3

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TPP - Deception and Secrecy to the End - A Coup in the Making - Bye John Key
the story on the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) Maybe? It
is just over a year since TPP Free Wellington initiated the petition
to the Governor General (GG) then asking Sir Jerry Mateparae to
honour the constitution and not provide Royal Assent to t...

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The Guardian's Andrew Smith takes a pot shot at the blogosphere - accuses those who gain their news feed from social media of being post truth. Andrew says, "If most adults get their news from Facebook we need laws to make the social networks accountable"

This from The Guardian who refuses external press complaints authority and relies on its internal community - talk about echo chamber.

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New Blog; Values - Compass Points in a Post Truth World.
First post.

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TPP - how does this fit our democracy?
Essay and
open letter to the Governor General of New Zealand His
Excellency Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM,
QSO and successors. By Greg
Rzesniowiecki i 29 June 2016. 1 This essay
is about an international treaty Your Govern...
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