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Rita Woodall
Street Cats blogger; All Souls UU member
Street Cats blogger; All Souls UU member

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January means staying warm!
Which do you think is the coldest month of the year?  Hi, this is Smokey, and I can tell you that I think it's January.  I've been around for a long time and I remember flowers blooming sometimes in February, so I vote January.  And that is why, I think, we...

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
First, before I tell you what I've learned, I want to tell you something else I learned.  Hmmm.  I'm learning and learning!  Do you remember when I wrote about A Stitch in Time?  Oh wait, I should tell you that this is Smokey!  I'm blogging!  Okay, this is ...

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How Is a Cat Like an Elephant?
They both have four legs, a tail and a trunk!  Ha ha!  Well, not the trunk!  They both have fur?  Hmm, I don't think you could ever call what an elephant has fur!!!  They both like hay!!  Right?!  Ha!  Elephants like vegetables and we cats, give us meat!!  ...

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If you want something done right . . .
Yeah, yeah, yeah!  I know it's March!  Better late than never!  However, in this case, never might work just fine!  I decided that this year we would do that thing the humans do called "resolutions."  It seems they only do that when the yearly calendar chan...

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Feline Friday -Truman!
Here is Truman!  As you can see, he is a gorgeous long hair kitty with black and white fur.  Born in 2005, he is one of our more mature cats.  Truman is a guy that really knows what he wants and for several months now he has wanted to be the office cat.  He...

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I Can See Clearly Now
Well, not really.  I tend to navigate my world with my nose and my whiskers, but that's just a saying to let you know that I'm not depressed any more.  Oh I know that you didn't know that I was feeling down.  If you'd known you would have come running.  But...

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The humans that hang around here decided to have a party and once again I was left to wonder exactly what is the point of being King.  Did they asked me what I thought of this idea?  Did they ask for advice about how to accomplish this?  DID THEY ASK THE KI...

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No, wait!!  That is definitely NOT the question!  I am!  And I intend to continue to be!  The question is what I SHOULD be!  Yes, of course I know I'm a cat!  But what I need to know is whether it is more noble to be King of StreetCats or President of Stree...

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Newly Annointed
Well, well, well . . . one never knows what one might find!  Since that Vanna left (I did not like her at all, by the way) I've been occupying the office at night.  In my case, curiosity did not kill the cat but it sure has made for some interesting reading...

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Final Decision!
Well, there is nothing like a new year to get one off dead center and headed in the right direction.  Oh I know, I've been talking about being adopted ever since I came back to StreetCats a year ago.  Do you remember my story?  The human who originally adop...
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