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Freelance software engineer & web developer
Freelance software engineer & web developer


EE version 2.9.2 requires PHP version 5.3.10 or newer - bear in mind if upgrading from slightly older version or installing for first time.

Edit (2014-10-14): Actually required from 2.8.* onwards.

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To designers and developers keen to learn more, Anders Fisher and Matt Applegate will educating for free tonight at UCS in Ipswich.
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Hi - does anyone here have practical experience of using the #woocommerce   #wordpress  plugin as a solution for a small business?

I have a client with a small budget and small line of stock to market and sell and I'm researching options - WooCommerce is ticking a lot of boxes in the reviews as a good option for smaller businesses but I have no experience of it and most reviews are based on analysis of metadata rather than empirical evidence.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who've used either as an end user or have integrated it into a solution for their clients.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about the ease-of-use claims and any info about associated costs.

Many thanks.

Hi everyone, Thanks to +Samantha Parnell for inviting me to the community.

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Why We're Removing Comments on Copyblogger

We couldn’t quiet the conversation around our content if we wanted to — and we definitely don’t want to! But we have terrific outposts where those conversations can live now.

This is one of what seems like three really poor reasons to remove comments from your blog. I'm actually creating a post about the ridiculous power of blog commenting and this just adds fuel to that fire.

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Coding are giving away 3GB VMs on their online developer platform this week. I'm in will you be?
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Loving WunderList . looking forward to the announced public API when version 3 is released.
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In the semantic web we should stop trying to force browsers to behave identically so that our sites look and behave identically across browsers and accept the differences and limitations of browsers whilst employing progressive enhancement to provide an optimised experience regardless of browser capability or support. Discuss.

 * Replaces multibyte curly apostrophe with a single quote.
 *@param string $str the string to search
 *@return string 
function replace_ms_apsotrophe ( $str ){
    return str_replace("\xe2\x80\x99", "\x27", $str);

Beware the dreaded MS encoded apostrophe. The hex value (in UTF-8) for a single quote is 27 but if content has originated in MS land then the curly apostrophe is E2 80 99. 

If you need to search for substrings and you're not 100 percent sure of the origin of the strings then this tiny function may be of help to you.

Hi all,
It's entirely possible that I'm being a total muppet but I'm trying to install BusyBox onto Nexus 7 v.2 but the download from the BusyBox site is compressed ( busybox-1.21.1.tar.bz2 )
Does anyone know a way to decompress it locally? I'd like to avoid having to connect device to PC and copy the file out to decompress it and put back the decompressed files.
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