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Brian Northrup (esu)

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IBM's new patent. I would love to have something like this to play with.

Honestly, I am not sure of the practicality of it given the technologies that are already available, but it still has a cool sci-fi feel to the idea that makes the geeky, gadget loving part of me giddy.  Which, lets be honest, is pretty much every part of me...

But perhaps I am missing a great use for it. This is probably aimed at my more technical contacts but I am interested in anyone's input as always. How would you use something like this?

(If you don't understand what it is since patents are about as wordy and convoluted as it gets, feel free to ask and I will try to explain it better -- and maybe someone can correct me on anything that I potentially get wrong about it, too!)

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first - Moto X, next - Moto G! Excited to share more next week
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