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Glen Stansberry
Works at Brisky Business
Attended University of Kansas
Lives in Lawrence, KS
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Glen Stansberry

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My latest on American Express' OpenForum.
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Man, great reminder today that life is so much better with exercise.
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Glen Stansberry

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Man, this is incredible.
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Wow, that just made football look boring.
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Glen Stansberry

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Most of this article was cribbed from Blue Ocean Strategy, in case you're wondering.
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Have him in circles
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Glen Stansberry

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I wish this wasn't a normal email for me, but it is.

"I’ve been reading your site '  ' and would love to write an article for it. I do writing since last 2 years. I was hoping to provide an original article based around 500+ words.

My post will be 100% unique & well researched. As per my policy, I do not send the same article to more than 1 website. Once my article is published in your site, I will circulate it in Facebook & twitter which will be helpful for your site to reach to a lot of people of related industry. In return I will give you backlinks also from high quality financial sites. And I'm making it sure that I will be one of the best writers for you as I will go through the content quality & your targeted visitors of your website before I start writing."
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+Jon Daley Hah.
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Glen Stansberry

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What's cooler: The fact that Kevin Durant played a pickup flag football game or that Twitter mentions it in their SEC filing?
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Glen Stansberry

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You know you're not using Evernote as well as you could, right? See: +Brett Kelly and his Evernote Essentials (iBook). Indispensable.
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Glen Stansberry

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Glen Stansberry

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Have him in circles
1,743 people
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Web Developer
  • Brisky Business
    Co-founder, 2011 - present
  • World Company
    Web Developer, present
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Lawrence, KS
Baldwin, KS
Contributor to
Web developer, writer, musician
I'm a web developer, writer and jackalope enthusiast.
  • I write at LifeDev
  • I co-founded LifeRemix, a blog network for incredible writers
  • tweet on occasion
  • I dabble in music.
  • University of Kansas
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