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Andre Santos
InfoSec, web developer, sysAdmin, digital artist.
InfoSec, web developer, sysAdmin, digital artist.

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I would like to join this community, my N7 2013 screen does look washed out compared to my Nexus 4 using Franco.Kernel. :P

I am having a little issue with AllCast (despite the fact that it is Beta :P).
So when I selected any HD videos (720p and 1080p) via DLNA and then chose my Roku XS, my Roku opened up that Roku Play application but I then got a black screen.
Could it be possible that the URL was not really valid or needs some code to specify it correctly?

Device Used: Nexus 4
DLNA Application: Mediahouse
Roku Full Name: Roku 2 XS

Android 4.4 Was recently added to the Nexus Factory Image page today for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (all) and the Nexus 10.

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Nexus 4 Stock Recovery Flasher is officially on v0.5 (as of this date).
This will fix issues with CWM recovery and now works with TWRP, CWM and other recoveries if there are.
The flashable zip and +CASUAL versions are now working properly (replaced the flashable zip within CASUAL).

Thanks to XDA member Flintburg for the fully supported recovery write path.

XDA Thread:

So it seems that I have a YouTube Google+ page which doesn't really help at all (thanks to Google for forcing it!).

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+Adam Outler This is fun! :P

+Adam Outler I have recently created the Nexus 4 Stock Recovery Flasher in CASUAL form. :D

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Built this long micro/mini USB cable using a male to male USB cable, OTG Adaptor (optional for USB host android devices to charge other devices), female to female USB adaptor, mini USB cable and a mini USB to micro USB (optional for phones or older devices).

+Chainfire I was wondering since your one of the ultimate software hackers in the XDA community maybe you could help with something.
So basically in the Sony Tablet S community on XDA a new root exploit was found and now r5a is rooted but unfortunately the bootloader is still locked.
It looks like Safestrap may do the trick since the Sony Xperia Tablet S is in the same state but the Safestrap recovery has a lot of stuff broken like everything except reboot.
It is to do with the 2nd init.
Any ideas how these devices can get from locked-in-no-freedom bootloader to the do-what-you-want bootloader?, if that is not possible then what about using the 2nd init Safestrap method?
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