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Happy 30th birthday to the Speccy - bringing back memories of SInclair Basic, Manic Miner and that 'dead flesh' keyboard:)

Great article with the chief designers over at the BBC.

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Zeldaism :)
And now a few messages from Link's mom who is apparently Jewish ;)

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Carbon nanotubules and lasers link up in the fight against cancer

Scientists at Stanford University have utilised nanotechnology to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Still in the early research stages but looks promising.

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The 'Father of Video Games' reflects on his career

A great interview over at the The Salt Lake Tribune with Ralph Baer, now 89 years young. The inventor of the first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey, in 1972. God bless him!:)

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Google+ Pages launches

It's here finally! - Business pages rolling out over Google's servers during the next few hours.
Posted by +Toby Stein on behalf of the Pages team:

Hello, World!

Welcome to Google+ Pages, where businesses will find an incredible set of tools to get closer to their customers. Brands, companies, organizations, and other groups now have a presence on Google+ and we could not be happier.

So, how do businesses maximize their impact in Google+? What’s the best way to use Pages? How should Google+ fit into business’ social media strategy and other online marketing? That’s where we come in. The Google+ Your Business page will be the central source for updates, best practices, and other information about Google+ Pages. But, it’s also about growing your business using Google+ and the incredible tools it provides.

We’ll feature interviews with Googlers and social media specialists, brand campaign highlights, tips and tricks, and feature announcements.

We’ve assembled an amazing team of Google insiders to provide the ultimate resource on what Google+ can do for your business. Add us to your circles, re-share this post, and stay tuned. We promise to keep you in the know about business’ new best friend, Google+ Pages.

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Why does just Nintendo Club in Japan get all the goodies?:(
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Guardian tagbot

A useful new information resource. Not quite up to Siri levels of sophistication but very useable for tagged results.

It's a Twitter based search assistant that links into the newspaper's current and archived articles using the Guardian's Open Platform.

@GuardianTagBot is a Twitter account set up for the content API robot, TagBot. If you tweet it a search term on your phone or online, it will then send you a link to the latest matched content.

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Ripples & Reader

The bug where Ripples wouldn't work for languages other than US English has been ironed out and I'm now enjoying being able to use it. 'What's hot' is also showing in the saved searches area to the left of the screen as well as the main Stream.

Just refreshed my Reader tab and liking the new look & feel of the interface and greater G+ integration. Good stuff:)

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This is a Google+ Ripple test.

You need to reshare this publicly for it to work!

The more reshares the more interesting the test will be.

This will be posted on after we complete the test.

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