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A Noob’s First Experience of Amazon Web Services
Initial Setup This seems like a good place to start: Amazon Web Services,
Free + Click on the “Create a Free Account”. + Register as a new user (or you can use your
shopping account) + Personal Account: Fill in the required information. + Payment...

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Using Ruby (on Windows) with NetApp ONTAP - Dummy’s Guide
... and - to
complete a trilogy - here’s my (Dummy’s) guide for Ruby with ONTAP! 1) Download Ruby This seems like a good place to start: Ruby - A
Programmer's Best Friend Installing Ruby RubyInstaller for
Windows I downloaded Ruby 2.3.3 (x64):

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Using Python (on Windows) with NetApp ONTAP - Dummy’s Guide
Following on from the
previous post, my (Dummy’s) guide for Python with ONTAP! 1) Download Python This seems like a good place to start: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python - installing on Windows: -...

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Using Perl (on Windows) with NetApp - Dummy’s Guide
If you’re a regular
reader of this blog, you’ll know I love a bit of PowerShell - I’ve tagged 128
posts with PowerShell. Perl - on the other hand - has yet to be tagged on one
post. Well, this changes today! The titular “dummy” is me (I’m a Perl noob),
and ...

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Treesize for Data ONTAP 7-Mode (Get-NaTreesize.ps1)
Continuing from the
previous post... Since it is pretty trivial to convert Get-NcTreesize.ps1
into a Data ONTAP 7-Mode version, here it is. A usage example> $P = Read-Host -AsSecureString .\Get-NaTreeSize.ps1 -Controller
-UserName root -Password $...

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Treesize for Clustered ONTAP (Get-NcTreesize.ps1)
A colleague asked
me whether I knew of anything like “Treesize for NetApp”, I didn’t, so I
thought I’d knock up my own version, and here it is. The recursive function - at the core of the PowerShell
script - has been used previously in a fair few posts. The...

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Using PowerShell to Generate Reports for 7-Mode Systems (Get-NaVolumeReport)
I wanted a report - in one worksheet - containing specific
bits of information regards volumes on NetApp 7-Mode controllers, to aid with
planning some 7 to C migrations. The report only concerns itself with volumes
that are read/write (ignores readonly snap...

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Using PowerShell to Generate Reports for your Cluster (Get-ClusterInfo.ps1)
Reporting is not fun! And since I like
to have fun, and PowerShell is fun, thet’s generate reports for our NetApp
ONTAP clusters with PowerShell! The following
script generates 3 CSV reports (working with CSV’s has certain advantages): - Report_on_Clusters....

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Overview: Replacing the Controller Module for a FAS 8040/8060/8080 running Clustered Data ONTAP
Aka: swapping out
the Motherboard. Note: Storage
Encryption is not covered here. Note: Stand-alone
controllers are not covered here. Introduction Firstly, I need to point out that I’m not a Field
Engineer, but I nearly got to do one of these. Long story sho...

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Get-NcCommands ONTAP Data Collector: Part 2 of 2 (Collect-NcDataSVM.ps1)
Continuing from the previous post ... a few
Get-NcCommands erred with “This cmdlet must be directed to a data vserver”. The
following (simpler) script handles those. My learned list of this
Get-NcCommands - that need to be directed to a data vserver - from ...
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