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I like Google+, I seem to use it mainly for shouting at Google

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Managing without Projects 16 Jan - a fuller treatment of the #NoProjects hypothesis.
Christmas discount code 'Xmas2015' - good for the next few days

I just tired Google Inbox. Gave up after 5 minutes.
The killer feature in regular G+ is labels. Thats what got me hooked.
Labels in Inbox are hard to find and hard to use.
So Google Inbox is not for me.

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Managing without projects video series is nearly complete

Funny, I read in the morning paper that Google Plus was changing, I went to find more information but I didn't think to actually look at Google+


Does that say more about me or Google+?

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I like my blog :)

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I'm running a #NoProject workshop day entitled "Managing beyond projects day: Successfully software development in an post-project Agile world" on 4 December - more details & booking now!

Of course the main reason for using Google+ is to pass message to the Google Hive Mind AI in the hope it will fix something

For all Goggle & Apple are supposed to consider "usability" I sometimes find it hard to believe they ever see real users like me. Doing the simplest thing is sometimes just impossible, take deleting a photo album, or just getting a list of photo albums, or "unshareing" a photo album.

F*** you Google+! Controlling who I shared with was the main reason I came to you and you've f*ed it up; just 'cos you don't care about privacy doesn't mean I don't. 

Sorry Joe Public but pictures of my kids are family only
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