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Snowy Owls have been showing up in record numbers this winter across southern parts of Canada and northern United States. It is believed that these sightings may be related to the large numbers of owls hatched last year as well as changes in the lemming population in the Arctic, the owls' main food source. This owl was photographed on January 21 in southwestern BC, Canada, where a large number of owls have been wintering.
#WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak
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Very nice shot, Gail!
Very cool capture! I would love to see one of these one day.
I see you are in the eastern US +Shelly Gunderson --you should check some birder sites, there may be some snowy owls near you right now--they are in your area too I think
Awesome catch +Gail Beerman!!! I never saw white snowy owl till now.... Beautiful. Thank you for that.
You are very welcome +Paras Shah just trying to expose you to new wildlife my friend
I had never photographed them in the wild before this year +Stephen Thackeray --apparently these owls have been showing up all over this year though--even one in Hawaii according to the article I linked to above
+Ninon Jean-Claire --thanks! No, I am not on Twitter or Flickr although at times I think I should be...I have Smugmug site but I have been very neglectful since G+ came along!
thank you +lynn langmade --this was my second visit to photograph the owls--it was really windy and cold though, so there were only two owls near enough to photograph--unlike my first time there when there were more than 30--still so wonderful though to see them
just love the way you picked up the white in the grass. just those little touches :)
thank you so much +shane holsclaw I am glad you liked it--being able to photograph these gorgeous birds is magical...even on a cold windy day!
Fabulous capture...hope to get to Mud Bay next week! :^)
Ok you just had to get an award winner didnt you. im following you when we go over again!
Wow!!! (and LOOK at those nails) Gail what a splendid image.
thanks +Pete Caljouw I didn't have too many chances that day--hopefully the next time will be better--but only need one good image to make the day worthwhile!
thank you +Kirsten Bowers --catching action is made so much easier by using continuous shooting, but even then it is difficult to get it just right--I was lucky with this one
yes +George Marquardt --it is hard to catch them in flight, as they prefer to sit--often with eyes closed as well! When I made this second trip to photograph them, I decided to make sure I was ready for the infrequent flights and to concentrate on capturing those
thank you +Sergey Bidun it felt very amazing just being in the same area with more than 30 of these birds
Beautiful shot of a beautiful bird! I like to see the focus of the bird on landing. 
Wow - getting overloaded with stunning images from many this morning (a very good thing) and I think this one tops them all!
I'd love to see one of these in person. Great Shot!
They are amazing +Meg Rousher the white feathers stand out so well against anything but snow--and we don't have snow here very many days of the winter--I would love to photograph them in the snow though!
That would be a great shot. Your so lucky to be able to photograph these beautiful creatures :)
I feel lucky +Meg Rousher as it only happens every 6 or 7 years that the Snowys winter here
Very beautiful bird! nice photo!
Such an awesome capture Gail and such beauty and grace in motion! Would love to photograph one of these guys some day!
This is definitely the year to photograph these guys in a southern location (other than the Arctic Circle) +Kathy Porupski
Snowy Owls are spectacularly beautiful birds and high on my list of hope to capture some day! Have been fascinated by birds of prey since a very young child and owls lead that list!
Well, then I can extend the same invitation to you about visiting...but I think you might have to get here fast, as these Snowys won't stay in the Vancouver area too long...they will probably head back north in late February. +Kathy Porupski If you come to shoot owls, I will meet up with you in Vancouver if I can!
sniper as usual . expert precise shot
Thank you for the invite and would love to some day but my birding travels will have to wait as I hope to be in DC for PSW in March and have a trip to Great Smokey Mountains planned for April's peak wildflower season. Possibly a trip for the future and a possibility for next year should they show up that far South again!
superb timing. Great shot Gail
annie d
Wowwwwww i lovvvve this owl landing Gail. Such gorgeous detail. Such a pretty face mr owl :) love it ! pretty
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