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Common Mynah

The Common Mynah, native to South Asia, was introduced to Hawaii in 1865 to control an infestation of army worms. Some types of mynah can learn to imitate the human voice as well as calls of other birds and animals. The Common Mynah is prolific in Honolulu although relatively unappreciated by local residents as is evident by its Hawaiian names: piha `ekelo (full of voice) and manu`aipilau (trash-eating bird).
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I used to have a black minah bird who talked. Sam was hilarious. He coughed like my mother and constantly asked if I had gone to school. If he got out of the cage and tried to catch him he cried help. I have no idea where he learned that. After my dad took him the the Aquarena in San Marcos, Texas, he started to make the noise of the metal overhead door opening in the shop area where he was kept which drove the workers nuts until they found out it was him. LOL
Oh, they are very common in Hawaii, +Brad Buckmaster --as a kid I always wanted to raise one and teach it to talk! Most people there don't like them much, but I like our crows, so of course I like them!
Oh that is hilarious +Travis Green --I do love mynahs--I now live on the west coast of Canada and I had lots of crows as a kid, and tried to teach them to talk--only had success with budgies though. They are great talkers! I think it is funny that the bird cried help and asked if you had gone to school--he must have heard that a lot in order to repeat it lol
I often to spend my allowance on ground hamburger in order to feed my baby crows +Brad Buckmaster --when I was in grade 6, I had to take a box of crows to school because my mom didn't want to feed them during the day--so when they got noisy, my teacher let me go out with a friend and get worms lol--one got so tame it followed me to school every day and waited until I came outside at recess and lunch and sat on my arm
That's an awesome story Gail. My youngest daughter would have loved to do the same thing....
Ahh she is a kindred spirit +Brad Buckmaster people used to bring me all kinds of animals needing help when I was a kid...I wanted to be a vet once but trained to be a teacher instead.
Lovely shot! We have them around us all the time.
Thanks for your comment +Sumit Sen it is interesting, although these birds may be common, I find great beauty in them--they are comical and intelligent birds
MYNHA very beautyful bird. Very nice shoot. Thanks.
nice shot, Myna is very common in my country as you said
Beautiful Gail!  I've of course heard of them, but have never seen one before.  :)
Oh cool! I just looked it up +shane holsclaw ! What a tail! I have 2 daughters living in Aus, I will look for the lyrebird when I visit them.
That is amazing +shane holsclaw I smiled all the way through that video! I love the camera shutter sound and the camera shutter with motor drive--too funny. The lyre bird reminds me a bit of a pheasant except that it is much more adaptable
You are kind to stop by my stream and comment +mady sach I really appreciate it!
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