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Rufous Hummingbird

And the humming-bird that hung
Like a jewel up among
The tilted honeysuckle horns ~ James Whitcomb Riley
#flybyFriday by +Meg Rousher
#colorsonFriday by +E.E. Giorgi +Gilmar Smith +Erin Henderson +Christina Lihani #PlusPhotoExtract
#Breakfastclub by +Gemma Costa
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Awwwwwwww..... I so love it when you share your amazing pictures with us, Gail!!! :-)
Ed King
Amazing shot, this little things are tough and few and far between around here
Thank you +Ed King , the key is to know of a great hummer garden to shoot these little guys!
Wonderful detail and movement.
A superior hummingbird photo! I can't wait for some to stop by and stay a while. Isn't it true that as they flow through an area, some keep going but others nest?
I believe that is correct +Christina Lihani --where I live, we get Anna's and Rufous hummers--they both nest here and some Anna's will stay all winter
Wonderful, Gail! Love the detail on his head - they have such a great dotted pattern and it can be difficult to show it clearly. Very nice!
Thank you +Lee Daniels ! And thanks for noticing the little details! They are such great birds!
Really nice! humming birds are a tough subject to photograph, perfect angle, movement, color... awesome.. you go girl!!
There are 350 species of hummingbird. "Firecrown," "Ruby Throat," "The Magnificent," "SwordBill," to name a few...they are one of God's greatest little miracles.
Lovely catch.quite a shot&expressive words
Thank you very much +piper mackay I appreciate your comments--hummers are actually a lot easier to photograph than many of your subjects!
Wonderful .. so sharp even with the G+ jpg compression :))
Hummers are thought to be a very ancient bird as well +Kelline Pickett --thanks for commenting! We are lucky where I live in Canada that a few hummers will stay here year-long, although I worry about them when it snows!
Thanks +Mike Culver --have you found that sometimes an image will lose sharpness when you view it one time, then the next time you open it in G+, it will be fine?
small beauty bird so nice ? nice seen ?
amazing picture wow i love bird but the smaller they are the harder they are to catch wow just amazing
Thank you very much +Charles Cantu hummingbirds are interesting to photograph because they feed often, so they provide many photo ops
awesome click ............:)
uffff you are so hot on google now..humming
your work is excellent. if god want , you will succeed
So cute... I like the innocence of the bird..
Very good shot...
+Gail Beerman I just compare the quality to Facebook which is much better. I think G+ must use a lot of compression.
u r a telent one,i`ll egerly wait next snep from u
Wow Gail. It's "hot on google". Good job. It's a beautiful.
Wow this is really beautiful.
I had to look it up. Hummingbirds can flap their wings between 70 and 200 times per second depending on the type of flight. Anyway what an amazing shot!
That is a nice collection of birds, if only we could see the beauty of the ones in Heaven, imagine...these are nice, imagine the ones up there...Awesomely Beautiful, God's Creation
wat a photography yarrrrr really awsome
Oh thanks for that info +Sam Howard and you probably also know that because the hummingbird can rotate its wings in a circle, they are the only bird that can fly forwards, backwards, up, down ,sideways and hover in mid air!
How come you get such shallow DoF with 'Aperture: *f/9*'? I guess it's the higher focal length (400+mm).
bahut hi khooobsurat hai nature
The higher focal length will give a shallow DOF with quite a small aperture, +Ranjit Bhalerao , that is the beauty of using a long lens for portrait work (as well as the necessity for wildlife and bird photography). For this image, I was using a 300 f2.8 prime, with a 1.4 or a 2x teleconverter--probably the 1.4, as it gives a faster focus
You are welcome +Ella Curran --it is funny, when an image becomes hot, usually there are so many comments it is hard to keep up (I try to answer all comments on every post if I can), but this happened early for me tonight, so I am trying to answer as comments are posted....yes, I take all my own images, and I travel a lot so I have images from many different countries. I am glad you like this one!
Amazing clarity and excellent timing!
Beautiful shot! These are lovely creatures, and this shows off a fine specimen. Well done!
I live in Sierra Vista, Az the Hummingbird Sanctuary! I see them all the time but never when I have a camera in hand.
Aamir K
Amazing! Lovely!
A Hummingbird Sanctuary? +Joshua Rupert I did not know there was one! Oh I will have to check that out online then visit there some time! The key to shooting hummers is a long fast lens, a great garden and patience!
I just read that there are 15 types of hummingbirds near Sierra Vista, the "hummingbird captial of the US"!! OK I am going to get there some time... +Joshua Rupert
That's the link I checked out to find out about it +Joshua Rupert --thanks, we only get two types of hummers where I live on Canada's west coast, so it would be wonderful to see and photograph some different species, but hard to do unless I find some great gardens that attract them!
Thank you very much +Kate Nicolson --I post new images on G+ every day, so my work is out there, I am not sure if I have time for Flickr too lol
Facebook Inspires ME Every Day !

FB >>> Google poor old man's FB !
Haha, +Matthieu Dujardin but on G+ it is about all the sharing of info that makes it so great...and being able to see so many EXCELLENT images every day!
world is beautiful and see near about u what u see ......... everything is loving ....................
Wow!!! it is really amazing to see such a beautiful photography.
Amazing snap! Beautiful bird well captured
bueatyful what,s meaning Thats It
beautiful photo I like it.
is this real..................or special camera effects.
Super rad pic ... must hav been hard to capture
woooow this pic is so beautiful
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.
I like your of the picture of the humming bird really nice good job.
What an excellent macro shot! Love the composition.
All of your photos are's an inspiration.....
sundarta pr mnushya hi kya chrachr jagat k sbhi prani usme se khuch pane ki iccha rakhte h
Oh man, a bird! I've never seen one of those before. Thank you for taking this picture.
Thank you so much to everyone who commented, +1'd and shared my hummingbird image last night--it definitely got hot--and now I have the wonderful task of reading through 431 comments! Wow! Thanks everyone!
Amazing picture! Thank you for sharing!
Coolest bird in the world great shot!
Thanks for asking +Gail Beerman It was wonderful, we were about two weeks early for much activity, but one of my goals was to find and shoot the Albino Deer and even tho the shot stunk I got a shot!
Bonjour Gail
Félicitation vous êtes rendue à 281 partages, c'est la première fois
que je vois ça.
Bonne soirée
Salut bien Gail
Thank you, I am amazed that this image got so many shares as well! +Magistral merci, je suis étonné que cette image a obtenu de nombreuses actions ainsi
Bonne soirée Gail
Prenez bien soin de vous
Salut bien
amazing words dont explain how hard it is too get a small bird very excellente
Hummingbird are now officially my favourite bird!
on the right moment super
its lovely 2 find sme1 answrng evry1. :) love dat.
colorfully beautifl shot.
Thank you for commenting on my hummingbird image in Dec +George Fletcher --sorry I missed your comment--it's appreciated though!
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