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You are welcome, thanks for sharing your magic called photography!
This guy is gorgeous...and that eye is so pretty and sharp!
Lovely Gail, awesome focus and light.  Thank you so much for sharing.
Mhmmm, Lovely! +Gail Beerman I am on a boat the next two days! :'( Maybe next time I come up I can get up there.... Saw some cool Transient action today though :)
I did capture one or two interesting images ;)+Gail Beerman The rain was a real hamper on shooting but the activity was amazing. I left my power cord for my editing laptop at home so i am limited to my MacBook Air for viewing, trying to dl PS demo to play with some images... of course the internet is a little iffy here, so we'll see! :)
Excellent +Brad Buckmaster are there residents in that area too? I look forward to seeing some more orca images from you!
Yes, they were on the west side of San Juan Island, the transients were in Friday Harbor (i saw them from the ferry) We eventually saw them by Orcas island and they were feeding, many lob tails and breaches, some closer than others... Good stuff! :)
Wow... what a beautiful bird.  I can only hope to take this good of a shot one day.
mais que sorte...i brasilian guy...i nice have so nice luck...beatyfull sorry my words i don't speak inglish....
Very nice shot. I love the focusing. It's quit sharp.
Thank you +shane holsclaw the most amazing owl eyes were on the snowys this winter when I caught them at the beach at sunrise --just stunning!
It's beautiful, Love those details :)
Oh thank you +E.E. Giorgi I am excited to see all the lovely feathery contributions! Maybe I will even get out a macro lens and make some of my own!
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