Last Light on The Mara

This image was made at the end of a magnificent day in Maasai Mara, Kenya, and depicts the symbiosis that exists in the animal kingdom. These Oxpecker birds live most of their lives on the giraffe; they were startled into flight by the giraffe's movement, but quickly resettled on the giraffe's neck for their continued mutual symbiotic relationship.

Nothing in the universe exists alone. Every drop of water, every human being, all creatures in the web of life, and all ideas in the web of knowledge are part of an immense, evolving, dynamic whole as old, and as young, as the universe itself.  ~   "Symbiosis"  (1982)

The Plus One Collection project by +Ivan Makarov is an amazing cooperation between the talented community on Google+ and others in the world in producing a published photographic collection and helping others to also experience the joy of photography through this year's cooperative program in Kenya. I'm honored to be a part of this group by contributing this work to the publication. Thank you to Ivan Makarov and others in our wonderful G+ community who have dedicated their valuable time and expertise to this project. 

#HQSPanimals   curated by +Marina Versaci +Joe Urbz  #HQSPbirds  
also for +Roni Delmonico  who loves giraffes!
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