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I love the sense of movement and the color, wonderful!
Wonderful image Gail! PB works VERY well with moving water. Nicely done!! :D
Serenity, brevity (of the rolling wave) of the nature and ingenuity of you, +Gail Beerman to capture this. Love the light caught under the wave - where it is just about to fold.
Thank you so much for taking the time to notice and comment on the details +Rekha Rao , I really appreciate it!
Beautiful shot. Love the variety of colors and shapes to this wave.
Now with this one you have to share some inside info! How did you do this +Gail Beerman The colours, sharpness, and lighting is exceptional!!!
Thank you +Marius Louw --this image was made about 3 years ago, with my old Canon 40d and my new 300mm f2.8 lens (1/6400)
Aperture: f/5.6, Focal Length: 300 mm
I processed it yesterday , used Photoshop to increase warmth and saturation, then used Pixel Bender oil paint to increase the smooth texture and contrast, then back into PS, dodged and burned to increase contrast and create the effect of light in the wave. I sharpened last in selected areas to direct the viewer to the inside of the wave and the curl. I hope that helps.
Great colors and wave action! Wonderful! It's hot here today, would love to be in that surf!
Oh. My. I'm melting. Literally melting. How, Gail?? How???????? So, so, so, so stunning....
Goodness!! And you even use my same camera!! Can you teach my camera to do the same thing???
Okay, jokes aside, what lens did you use for this? Is it a fixed 300mm or a zoom?
Thank you +E.E. Giorgi the camera I used then was a Canon 40d--but I have been using a 7d for over two years now, the Canon 300mm is a fixed lens f2.8 which is bright and fast--I can also use a 1.4 or a 2x teleconverter on it for up to 600mm with AF still. I use that lens for most of my wildlife and bird images. I do a lot of bird photography and with birds it is all about sharpness and detail--so most bird photogs would not use a zoom lens, as they do not generally have the same sharpness that a fixed lens would have.
Very nice surf detail, Gail. I like the shape and patterns of foam.
Powerful and beautifully processed shot +Gail Beerman!!! And tones of blue, aqua and white... Just superb.
Fantastic shot! So powerful! Amazing view!
+Arshi Fatima I wish you peace and a safe environment for yourself and the students you teach.
Amazingly, the color and the moment. Greetings Rolf
Color, clarity, and chaos in this are fantastic!!!
Amazing shot! I love the colors and motion!
If I was a surfer, I would be surfing on it right now, If i was swimming, i would be swimming through the waves, if i was a photographer, i would be taking this picture! Fantastic. The blue is so blue.
Thanks +Liana Hope --my kids were surfing in these waves while I was photographing--but the swell was really big, so they body surfed instead...and got munched but had fun.
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