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Don Sullivan
Just some dude.
Just some dude.


Kitchen is officially FINALLY, completely clean after Thanksgiving. Even piled up all the decorations on the dining room table (on top of the Christmas stuff). Totally gonna get things settled before Christmas, so we can do it all again. lol

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Occassionally, without warning, I get Roses by Outkast stuck in my head. Today, I found this.

No rhubarb in THREE grocery stores (the girl in Food Lion had never even HEARD of rhubarb), and now, with a raspberry substitution, I go to put my pie in the oven, not realizing that the rack had been set to the very tip top, and scrape the crumb crust and a ton of filling onto the hot oven element below. Needless to say, my house is a bit smokey, and this pie was doomed from the beginning.

Pretty sure I've found a new MUD. Come uber-nerd with me.

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So Google+ is now officially my primary social news feed. Facebook is officially indecipherable to me.

Day two of plaguebearing. Still can't breathe enough to get anything done, but feeling better. Hoping to recover from zombie mode tomorrow.

Has several more G+ invites. You want?

is feeling sleepytime tea revitalize his post-nasal region. But now with the rain, it's going to be hard to keep from taking a nap. I don't think callers would appreciate me snoring into the phone.

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In honor of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, effective today. Proud of all the men and women, both straight and gay, who choose to serve. Thanks to all of you.
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