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Andrea West
Wife, Mother, Businesswoman and everything all of the aforementioned entails.
Wife, Mother, Businesswoman and everything all of the aforementioned entails.

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Got a call about this yesterday - Great information! It would be good to change your password afterward!
Fake Facebook Emails:
There are some realistic looking emails going around, telling people that their Facebook account has been deactivated.

The email looks like a regular Facebook email and has a 'sign in' button, which you need to click, to reactivate your account. The link behind that 'sign in' button is bogus, of course, and takes you to another site.

If you get an email like the one in this picture, delete it and don't press any of the links.

Please share this with your friends!

Only 9:55am and all ready I'm tired of hearing about Whitney and the Grammys... Happy Monday y'all!

Great article in the Star News on the short sale process. Way to go Alicia with +Intracoastal Realty

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Sluggish internet today. Could it be the world wide web misses the sunshine as much as I do???

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Now THIS is my version of a terrific pie chart!

1. Make a pie.
2. Eat some pie.

Image source:

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Do you have a plan?

Determination = Getting work done when the kids are home from school. Can any other work at home peeps attest???

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New to the community? Here's a few tips!
3 Ways To Increase Your Enjoyment Of Google+ And Others Too

Post To Public:
If you don't include public in your posts, your posts are not seen by anyone outside your circles...Makes it easier for people to find o G+ and Gogle and other search engines, and comment or +1 and possibly share a post...
Plus you become visible on the web!

Comment using +Names:
Use the +Name function or @name(Sparingly) to call attention to a subject, like when you are using someone else's comments or links or photos in a comment or a response to a post.

Or if you share a post that has already been shared, you can add them to the post, so that they get notified

Circle Your Responders:
Create a circle called "Responders" and move it to the top of your circles list by going to circles and dragging it into the top rank of your circles.

Then when someone +1's or shares or comments on your stuff or posts, you can add them to the responders circle, and then click on that circle for all the posts from these people...then you can share and +1 them in the future!

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