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The spectacular beauty of Croatia and its lakes.
Plitvice Lakes from a distance.
      -  Photo by Vedrana Tafra.

The beauty of Croatia is centred around its breathtaking landscape – waterfalls, mountains, forests and its Adriatic coastline.

Within the confines of Croatia’s heavily forested national park lies the famous Plitvice Lakes.

What is known about Croatia and Plitvice Lakes:
* The area was the cradle of the prehistoric Illyrian tribe of Japuds dating from 1000 BC.

* 16 interlinked crystalline lakes tumble over each other through a series of cascades and waterfalls. 

* It takes over six hours to explore the lakes on foot.

* 18km of wooden footbridges and pathways weave through and around the edges and under and across the rumbling water.

*Swimming is not permitted in any of the lakes.

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