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Man Cave Campaign Diary Part 2 - And the Clowns rode to war...
"To wage a war across the length and breadth of the land, I'm going to need mobile, aggressive troops.  They need be swift, yet festive.  Jolly yet brutal.  I call forth my mighty chariot legions, clown automata at the helm, majestic beasts taking the charg...

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Man Cave Campaign Diary - Enter Mr Tumbles
"I have been mocked, I have been ridiculed.  I have been laid low by my oppressors and have seen the malice that resides within humanity.  Well no more!  They thought me mad, they laughed me out of the circus.  But I have my own circus now, my automatons fa...

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Beware the Sky! - A Groveling Finklebott Cautionary Tale - Part 1
So there I was, minding my own business just passing through town when Kobolds and Dragons!  DRAGONS!  There was like a hundred of them!  And they're all over the skies!  I tell you what, you'd never get that happening underground, nosiree.  Old Man Rockwea...

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Fargrimm's Blog - Enter the Dwarf
With the end of Grimgut the Mad's adventuring career having come to pass, I will be continuing my Character Blog series with my remaining characters that I play in various RPGs.  Today I introduce to you Fargrimm Firebeard, a Dwarf with a penchant for Conju...

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Grimgut's Blog: An Epilogue
So a bit's happened since I last made an entry, in the havoc that ensued following the defeat of Mad God Whats-his-face.  Figured I should start there and work my way forwards. Me allies and I had gathered beneath an old One-Eye fortress in the plane of Sha...

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Grimgut's Blog: You want me to do what?
So me and my mercs, we were hanging out in this town, had a bit of downtime on the Tharrashk coin.  So I took some time out to try my hand at Gunsmithing.  Took me a solid month, but I managed to crank out a small unit's worth of Musketoons, should do me fo...

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Lord Sechnaill's Crusade Continues in: Warriors of Chaos. In Tzeentch we trust.
"Lord Sechnaill looked around the peaceful landscape, dotted with trees and the rubble of a long burned out tower.  The grass was green and there was a hint of Spring in the air.   He was about to signal the column to halt while the Peasants catch up with t...

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Lord Sechnaill's Crusade: The Undead Menace
Lord Sechnaill is back in the saddle!  Took some time away from the Bretonnians to give the Ogre Kingdoms a whirl in a couple of tournaments (ok, so I really just wanted to run triple Giants at an event), and now I'm back amongst our noble ranks with anothe...

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Lord Sechnaill's Crusade: Back in the Saddle
Lord Sechnaill surveyed what previously had been a peaceful, craggy valley where he and his men were marching towards battle.  These were grave times, with Bretonnia under constant attack from undead forces, and fell stirrings in the north.  Rumours of a gr...

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