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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BY CELTA TV: Watch John Guidetti arrive at Real Club Celta de Vigo for the signing of the contract.
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MUST SEE: Check out a NEW video of John Guidett's radio show "Sommarprat" from 27 June 2012.

The video includes stories told by John himself about his time in Kenya, what it was like to move to Manchester as a 16-year-old, to sign for Manchester City Football Club, to play for Feyenoord Rotterdam and to meet Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the first time, etc.

Video includes unpublished footage from England, Kenya, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The video includes subtitles which are also posted below.

Radio "Summer" talk
by John Guidetti
27 June 2012

I was born with a belief. I dream a lot and I believe in all of them.

I dream that I fall into a stream of pure gold. And I’m not dreaming of scoring only one ball in the top goal corner, I dream every second that

I will become the world’s best football player.

Which is most probable of becoming true? I will only know if I follow my dream. What happens in others reality can’t have of interest. Not now, because if I don’t focus everything in believing in myself in following my dream, you won’t believe in me either. I will never let anything or anybody doubt my believe or faith. I will always stand up for the bigger purpose, my faith. I am happy to share my dreams with everybody, embrace what you want, because no matter how much I give, the dream will always remain with me. I am John Guidetti, 20 years-old, football player.

Welcome to my world.

(Music - God, You are Too Much by Mr. Temaja)


I became African the second time we moved to Kenya.

I woke up in the morning, pulled on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt. No shoes, no socks. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed some to eat, and ran onwards to school. I played football in between all classes and swam during lunch break while eating at the same time. I was a white boy in the African slum who was barefoot all the time.

I remember playing football barefoot and afterwards taking out shards of glass from my feet. It hurt, but I didn’t, couldn’t care, I wanted my feet to have direct contact with the football. I wanted to play Gothia Cup barefoot and I had invented a sock that included my shin pads and at the same time allowed me to play barefoot, but unfortunately I was not allowed to use them.

What I’ve learned from our time in Kenya, is that we really don’t have any problems. No matter how big our problems may seem, they are not as bad as for any them over there.

“Oh, Mum, I missed the subway. Now you have to drive me”. or

“Oh, no. I can’t buy exactly the motorcycle I want.

And so on…

Before every training we gathered in a big circle and prayed together. We thanked God because we were given the chance to live.

Thank you dear Father for this lovely day. Thank you for the gift of life.
Thank you for football ability.

This made me believe in God. How people who had so little could be so grateful.

If I should miss a penalty kick in front of 50,000 screaming fans. What shall I do then? Train more! Why? Because I’ve been given an opportunity that they never got. So I will train even harder. Not only for me, but for their sake as well.

Kenya, the energy, the smell, the warmth, the people, the market. Those are the reasons why I love Kenya.

The actual reason why we moved to Kenya was that my father got a job there. He had lived there for five years in his earlier life and loved the country. Dad worked as a head of a Swedish boarding school and as physical education teacher, while my mother studied as an
occupational therapist. She’s made me say that I would have ended up working with that as well - if it weren’t for football, but I’m not so sure about that.

We all became Africans. In the weekends we sometimes went to Masai Mara, the world’s best wild life, watching the lions, antelopes, crocodiles and hippos. We lived an amazing big adventure. Other weekends we went down to Mombasa on the coastline of the Indian Ocean, we fished, we swam and basked in the warm African sun.
Christmas in Masai Mara.

We were going to spend Christmas in Masai Mara, in Base Camp, who friend was running.

Us, the Guidetti’s, always running late. And we’re not talking 10-15 minutes, but more like 3-4 hours. Kenyan time. (Hakuna matata); No hurry in Africa.

Well, even if we started a bit late but we reached the big game territory in time. More time passed and the Guidetti family never showed up. It was the rainy season so it had rained a lot! There were enormous pot holes filled with water right in the middle of road. We
weren’t sure if we were going to make it but dad kept pushing on. He was a very good driver and believed in himself.

We tried but suddenly, we were really stuck and really close to base camp. Dad tells mum to go out and “push” our heavy 4x4 vehicle. We were literally in the middle of the jungle, and there could well be hungry lions everywhere next to us. As she opens the door masses of
water rushes into the car. She shuts the door hastidly.

I was only four years-old, my sister was six. Now, the panic started to creep in. It was not so much that we would be eaten by lions or drowned in the mud, but the faint chance that Santa Claus would not find us this Christmas was just to much to cope with…

Dad and I started peeing out the window. Time passed. Food started to run out and we, the young ones, kept on crying. We had a big flashlight that we used to have for night game drives. Dad used it starting to send S-O-S morse signals to the base camp with the hope that some one would see it and would save us. After some very long hours, They did, and that evening Santa Claus visited us…

What I learnt during my time in Kenya was that you don’t ever complain. You see the colors, you see the joy. Nothing is grey or dull, we are better than grey. Like in the song ”Black” by Daniel Adams-Ray, he knows what he’s singing about. My dad was his PE teacher in Kenya, and we are very good friends still today.

(Music ”Black” by Daniel Adams Ray)

Get down! Get down!

I heard a voice scream and what did I do? I threw myself down on the ground and I tell you, the sky turn black. It was in the middle of a football match and what I didn’t know was that it was the leathal killer bees that made the sky turn black. After a while, the bees had passed
and the match continued as normal. It wasn’t like the referee would blow the whistle and called the game over after just having survived the deadly attack, people just continued where the ball was before the attack as if nothing had happened...

I played another match where there was a huge concrete well the size of 3 x 3 meters big in the middle of the “pitch” and you just played around it. There were never any talk about equal opportunities, or why it should be like this. You just kept at it with what you had, and you were happy just to be able to play football.

In Sweden, I think we have a hindering problem. It’s that darn equality.
Nisse has to wait for his turn for a long while, because now it is Johan’s, who didn’t make training, turn, and after that Pelle shall play his share even though as he has been out partying all night. And Nisse is the only star hardworking serious player in the team…
We don’t dare to push through great players. We don’t dare to push through great talents. It’s not pc.

Everybody has to have the same “opportunity”. Even though they don’t embrace the opportunities given to them This also has an effect on Allsvenskan (Swedish Premiere League). I don’t believe it will ever be as great as it can be just precisely because of this mentality. We just won’t be able to create enough good enough players. We must be brave and dare to push through the new kids of today.

We have to dare to tell them – You are special, you are a star, keep pushing for your dream.

In Sweden, the winters are usually pretty dam long and veryvery cold. We used to look for places to play, and we found one, Liljeholms Hallen, in the suburbian hood of southside Stockholm.

We used to play there, 6-7 hours per day. But after a few weeks they told us to leave.

“You haven’t paid the stipulated fee. So you kids are not allowed to be here and play!

But that’s crazy, we told them. The football pitch is totally empty. Please let us use it. Would you rather prefer that we roam on the town and do bad things, which you’ll complain even more about later? It’s better that we are here instead and play football and try to make it in football, try to advance in life.

We later came up with a way to play. And for this I would like to thank Helene, the supervisor at “Gluggen”, and Luis Silva, one of my best friend’s dad, who works 7 days per week at the Rissne school. He always opened the football hall for us kids. He had worked a full long day, but he he would sit there. On his only freetime, weekends, it didn’t stop him, he came down to the centre and opened to football hall and acted referee and let us play as long as we wanted.

Everybody came, from Rinkeby, Tensta, Rissne, Hallonbergen. Everybody met up at the hall and you knew that you didn’t have to go out in cold and do anything bad. I can go to the hall instead. The atmosphere there was so positive. We listened to music and played football.

Sometimes you would hear that someone had called in and said there had been a fight. Five guys vs one. Then Luis called these guys and asked if it would have been fun if he had brought five big guys to beat them up. They didn’t like that idea so much, and realized that they were wrong. That was the way Luis raised them, and it was so much love, one big love.

The General

My dad and I call Luis, “the General”. He’s one of the best persons I know. Now and then he sends me a text and asks if I can help out. And I do help out, every time he calls. Most of the time it’s just whether I can come down and visit “Gluggen” the football hall. To meet the guys, and to provide some energy. To show them that it is possible, that there is a way if you believe in it and yourself.

The last time I was there I asked if I could start a ping-pong tournament, and the winner gets 1,000 Kronor.

One thousand Swedish Kronor is a lot of money. It was a small Somalian boy who won that first time.. He was so happy and could hardly believe it. He took the money and ran all the way back home all the way from Rissne to Rinkeby.

Sadly, we cannot hang my match jerseys in the hall, it’s the risk of them going missing, but Luis, has probably no objections since they hang in Stefan’s room. Tevez, Silva, Guidetti and so on…

The General, as I call him, always tries to keep the after school center open. It’s a good place for the guys, they can play Fifa, play ping-pong and pool. Not fun for me though since my best friend spends a lot of time playing ping-pong. It makes it difficult for me to win over him, and everybody knows how badly I hate losing.

One day we played football in the center. That’s what we like to do. Play football, talk and hang out.

Then a police car drives up and parks where we are playing. He could have parked anywhere else but he stopped exactly where we played. We asked if he could move the car just a little - but he refused.
Now someone will instead probably try to destroy that car someday – it’s just so unnessacery.

If the football hall is available, let the kids play. It’s all right that older floorball men who can pay for themselves, do it. Please just let us also do what we love so much to do. If the kids do something bad, of course you should stop them, but don’t ever stop any kids from doing something good!

I started to play football for IF Brommapojkarna because I’m from Bromma. But I hung out in suburbsides like Rissne, Hallonbergen and Haninge. It was there all my friends came from, and it was there we spent most of our time.

You are one big family over there. You wake up in the morning and you go down to the center and everybody is there. You play football, you talk, yeah, you feel good.

I was the typical blonde Swede to them. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I stood out. Many of my friends are still football players at the top level. We have left Stockholm, we have left the suburbs behind us but they will always, always be with us.

(Music - I push through, Stockholm made me a fucking man.)

“Stockholm City” by Ken Ring.

Inter, Roma, Lazio, Manchester City, Sampdoria.

All the trials went really well, almost too well since they wanted to do something about this, but my dad said I was still too young. But time went and I got a little older, he wanted me to finish 9th grade in school first.

The trials came and went, and now it was time for Sampdoria. I went there as a 15-year-old and I was supposed to train with the Under-16 team, later it became the Under-18 team and then I went through to train with the Primavera team (Under-23) and I was only just 15 years old. I trained with them for two days and did it so well, that on the final day, Saturday, I was to be with Sampdorias first Serie A-team.
Antonio Cassano, Montella some of the players who were there. They played a internal match, I started on the bench, it was I and Mark Törnstrand, who played for Hammarby IF, we sat and stretched alongside the pitch and Cassano who was a little late for training started jogging around the pitch. He jogged past us and said that the coach is mad for benching me and we were shocked. We knew that he was a little crazy, but this was still strange: We didn’t really understand.

- What?

- Yes, he said you're sitting on the bench.

He laughed a little, we thought it was really funny. Really nice guy. I then came to remember how I took a shot that hit the crossbar and touched the captain complained to me but did I care, after Sampdoria it was directly over to a rainy Manchester.

Manchester City at the time, was a team that with Sven-Goran Eriksson as manager had made a great surprise performance in the Premier League with own players from their own academy. I did two trainings with the team and after that Berry, who at the time was head scout for Manchester City, told to me to come up to his office. He said after only two practice sessions, I want you in City, I want you to sign this paper - now.

It was a very big decision Sampdoria or City. I did not know what to do. One day when Manchester City played against Chelsea, at City, and Sven, Mr Eriksson was the coach. He took me down to the managers office before the game, and there I was fifteen year old with my dadby my side sitting opposite Sven-Göran Eriksson 20 minutes before they were to meet Chelsea.

- Svennis, if you had to choose, you've been in both Sampdoria and Manchester City what would you choose?

He said City and afterwards he asked if I wanted to meet some of the players. I lit up like a star but my father held me back a bit and said.

- John, they are facing Chelsea in 15 minutes. The might want to focus on something else than you…

Svennis said that would not be a problem, and that this was important. I asked to meet Michael Richards, who is one of my team mates now. He came in, he was fantastically big, I thought it was great. Then they brought me on to the pitch in front of 45’,000 just before the start of the match. Svennis, handed me a jersey with number 10 Guidetti on the back and we took some fine photos together. I saw Didier Drogba, Lampard, Terry and Micah Richards walked past me. Where is the pen? Where is the paper? Let me sign…
After that, I went home, the last summer as a kid at home. It was tough. I remember how I sat, after a training at Stora Mossen IP, in the car with my father. And I started to cry. The tears just bursted out. Dad wondered what it was. Are you ok son? It was a mix. I was happy and at the same time sad. 15 years old and move away from everything you have. Growing up fast overnight. Maybe also I was a just a little bit scared.

When travelling to Manchester, I arrived 2 weeks early. Just to, you know, to get an apartment, a car, you know settle in a little bit. Many players who move to Manchester lived in digs, with other families. I knew it was not the right path for me. And I here want to thank my whole family to this day for letting my father take such a big part of my journey. It is impressive, and still married after many years of living apart.

The first time in Manchester was very tough. In the spare time, once we had done all of the club training and all the extra sessions, I lived right opposite a movie theater. We quickly got a discount card there, 14 Pounds, approximately 150 Kronor per month, and all the movies you could watch. Sometimes it could be 3 movies a day.

Within a couple of weeks, after I’d started in Manchester, I noticed that the jargon was totally different, and much tougher. It’s like that saying about football.

- “It's not a matter of life or death - it is more important than that”
And it was kind of like that. Here you were treated only according to how good you were as a footballer. In the beginning I received no passes, I got no respect and therefore I made no goals, but I continued.

I trained like an animal. Then it started to go well, I made a hat-trick with the B-team, I remember, against Burnley, who used almost all of their first team prem players. The following day, I thought, Yes! Mancini was here, now it will be the first team. But - no, I was right back to train with the Under-18 team the following day. I did not even to train with the second string.

Shortly after the Under-18 was a too low level for me, and there were discussions that I would return to Allsvenskan (Swedish Premier League / Division 1) during the summer. Then my choice was certain, IF Brommapojkarna, it had been a dream for me to represent them in our prem “Allsvenskan”. I had only done it in Superettan (Championship), at the time when I made my debut as their youngest 1:st team player ever. I came home to all of my best buddies and we all played in the same team. That summer spell was fantastic. Everything just flowed…

After that it was back to Man City. Pre-season tour with City’s first team was even tougher now because City was no longer the club it used to be. They started to buy world class players, first came Robinho, and so it went on. City had become the richest football club in the world and was on its way to becoming one of the biggest clubs in the world. It was no longer the team that invested in their own young talent, who didn’t have the budget to buy players, quite the contrary, now we could buy whoever they wanted in the world. And it made it more difficult for us, we who won every game in the Barclays Reserve Premier League, against players who next week played in the real Premier League. It was extremely frustrating, but it also meant that I had to work even harder, I trained even more, because I knew first hand that I had what it took.

My contract with City expired, it was a lot of back and forth. But Mancini said that he wanted to invest in me. He wanted to give me another, good contract. I signed the contract as he had promised that, if I did not get enough playing time, I would go out on loan.

The time came when I said I wanted to go on a loan. I went into the bike room where there was lot of bicycles, Mancini sat on one of the bikes. I went modestly humbly up to him and asked if he had time to talk. I told him about my situation and about the clubs that were interested. When I told him about the team of Feyenoord, he stopped and said, that's the team you should go to…


I came in contact with Feyenoord when I was 17 years old, we had a Sweden international vs Holland. I scored all 4 goals. We played 4-4. After the match Jan Mastenbuch said that the door was always open for me if I wanted to come to Feyenoord. And there I was 3 years later. He is also good friends with Ove Kindvall and Henrik Larsson, who also sat on the bleachers during that match.

I came to a team, a club that recently had experienced a lot of chaos. The club had been close to shut down, going bankrupt. And this by a team that has an average of about 51,000 people at every game. They had no money. They had sold their three best players. They had come only 10th in the League and lost their last game 10-0 vs PSV Eindhoven. It was a club in big crisis, I got number 10 and came from a team like Manchester City.

There was so much talk about me. Who is Guidetti? What can this Guidetti do? I talked with media when I got there. They said that never had a player been so popular without playing a single minute. When we landed my girlfreind went straight to the hotel, unpacked and so on. I went directly to the training, everyone was there, it was packed with people around the entire pitch. Media were there. There was great anticipation. Who is Guidetti? I knew, I’m only 19 years old. This is my very first time I'll play for a really great team every week, but they didn’t want to believe that. They thought, this is our savior. But as you may have noticed, I'm not your normal shy guy. I came into the locker room, talked to everyone, changed the music, and took the number 10 jersey. For those of you who do not play football, the number 10 player scores the goals. Number 10 is the number you want. My first match was against NAC Breda away. I was subbed in at the 75th minute, I was coming off the bench. We get the penalty in the 83rd and it was like everybody knew. This one will John Guidetti score.


You can tell that I am destined for Greatness. All the Above by Maino.

Matches came, we won, many were shocked by this John who had scored in each match and had only done in with penalties. Although, true I had created all the penalties by himself. Managed red cards on the opposition, and been man of the match. But it was so much discussions in the media.

-Can he only score a goal with a penalty?

Koeman was critical of me and I did not really understand this. He said that John can do more. John can do better. And I, who played for the first time in front of 50,000 people had scored 4 goals in 4 games. Thought, is he crazy or? But what he knew, and I didn’t know at the time, was that I had so much more in me.

We were young in the team, no one believed in us, we had an average age of 22. We had sold our three best players and brought in a 19-year-old Swede and a 25-year-old who was on the bench for PSV, Ottman Bakkal, but we continued to win. But everybody said this will not last, it will not be enough.

But it rolled on, it went better and better, the first truly magical event that season was when my girl had invited all my friends and we played a game “Mitten” at home. Every time someone was nut-megged we all had to lay down on the ground like a plank as a goal celebration. We were facing FC Twente at home, it was sold-out. It was for real. My friends said that if I score I must do the goal celebration. And I, I was hoping the only to score, I was not thinking about the goals gesture I'd do. I made the first goal after 8 minutes. I lay down on the ground like a plank. That goal celebration then became a huge talking point throughout the Netherlands. Shortly after I made my second goal, and after that my third. Was this for real? I had made a genuine hat-trick, it was special, it was vs Twente. 52,000 people stood up and chanted my name, Guidetti, Guidetti. The guys said something then, that still means a lot to me. They said, “when you score the goals, it feels like we score the goals and it's the best feeling”.

After that, a flu entered which led to that I missed the next game against VVV-Venlo away, which we lost. Now it was a must-win game, it was at home, it was against Ajax, it was the biggest derby, it was the Klassieker, all that week everyone wondered, will Guidetti get well in time? I knew I would play, I did not care how sick I had been, I was going to play.

To explain to you how much this game means to us, we have over 14,000 people who all showed up at the training the day before and they were singing for us and there were fireworks as if it was New Year's Eve. No Ajax fans are allowed to travel to our arena, and we cannot travel to theirs, because of safety reasons. This match means more than the entire season for all Feyenoord fans.

All the guys on the team said,

- John, if you make one goal you’ll become a true legend.

We had not won vs Ajax in 6 years. The wait had become way to long for all our supporters. The match came and early on Christian Eriksen from Ajax scored a goal, and everybody thought, oh no - not again. I made the 1-1 goal and then later on 2-1. The second half began, Ottman Bakkal made later 3-1, we have the game in control. Everyone knows this, we cannot lose when our goalkeeper who otherwise is really fantastic gets a home pass which he keeps just a bit too long and gets blocked when kicking the ball and it rolls into our own goal.
It's 15 minutes left on the clock. Oh no - Not again. The time is ticking on. They are pushing harder and harder, then suddenly we get a counterattack chance in 82 minutes - andI score the 4-2 goal. The match is won!

I had made a hat-trick in “the Klassiker” vs Ajax, and in the following wherever I went with my girlfriend everything was free; food, clothing, everything. Three people even tattooed my name on their body. There were even discussions with the mayor of raising a statue of me. I had now made two hat-tricks in a row.

Then we were to meet Vitesse at home. Surely it could not happen again… - but it did. I scored three more goals and I got the nickname ThreeDetti instead of Guidetti. Then we met RKC Waalwijk at home. It was a tough match, it was raining, we did not get the game to work out really. Karim Al Ahmadi receives a through ball, 75 minutes, gets brutally pulled down, we get a penalty. I step forward, it had been a intense, frustrating game, I battled a lot, received a lot of beating, it was tough. I scored the penalty, after I truly do not know what happened, it was as if I had a total blackout. Many asked me: why did you do it? I cannot really answer. What I did was, I took off my shirt, even though I already had a yellow card. Which meant that I got my second yellow, which led to my sending off.

I think I have never felt so bad in my entire life. They felt like I betrayed the entire city of Rotterdam an not only that, after I was sent off RKC Waalwijk levelled the match. We had an away match against PSV Eindhoven the next weekend and I would not be attending since I was suspended.

I remember sitting in the locker room, waiting for the guys to come in, those I had betrayed, I remember how Koeman comes in and yells at me:

- Fucking hell John! Fucking hell!

I just sat there with my hands on my face and I did not get it. I got a little bit disappointed at the same time, as I had done so much for them, for the team, for these guys for our team. Why didn’t they support me just a bit? But I understand, I would have done the same in their situation. I would have been just as angry and not only that, Erik Hamrén, the Sweden manager, was wathcing the game, that was not fun to find out after the game, but luckily I got the chance anyway. I came to be a part of Swedish A-team as a mere 19 year old. I would get to play together with Zlatan Ibrahimovic,

I remember when I came down to Croatia. I was one of the first ones on the bus. Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Majstorovic and Emir were there. I had told myself that I would not get shy, just be myself, you know, the cocky little shit I am. But somehow you become like a little boy when you're around him, he's so big, and he means so much to me. Sitting at the back of the bus and I remember to this day how long that walk to the back of the bus was. How my hands were sweaty and the heart was pounding, but it was no problem, he was amazingly nice, just as I had thought he would be.

We trained in the evening we played in the same team. We quickly did some 1-2 plays and I scored some goals. The training ended with me taking a ball on my chest and striking it into the top corner. I remember how everyone just shouted, wooow. They made it easy for me to get into the national team. Everybody took great care of me.
The match was getting closer. I would get to play 45 minutes against Croatia. They have players like Luca Modric, Luka, etc. So it was 1-1 at half-time when I was coming off the bench. We won the game 3-1 Sebastian Larsson scored in the second half. I know Zlatan made two assists, but somehow I feel part of it, because it was me that passed it to Zlatan who using a pass from Mellberg, and then to Seb Larsson who scored.

Back in Holland. Feyenoord was in the race for the League win and then the thing came that was not supposed to happen. I got seriously injured. I could take part in the end of the season. I missed all those last matches. The last game I played was the day before my birthday; I scored and was voted Man of the Match. Up until then I had scored 20 goals, made 8 assists in 23 games. We had one game left at that time, away against SC Heerenveen, the match was whether we would get to the Champions League or the Europa League. I saw the game on TV. We won the game, and we looked out the balcony and saw over 15,000 fans walking over the bridge heading towards the stadium / De Kuip. I said to my girlfriend and my two mates; Dalle and Boda.

-Come on. Let’s go!

The guys thought I was joking.

- No way. You are joking!

- Not a chance, I told them. My girlfriend stayed behind and we went. I remember how I took a Feyenoord scarf and a Feyenoord blanket. We first drove around the crowd so we were walking towards the crowd. I took the Feyenoord blanket and scarf, and went towards them. They must have thought that it was an ordinary supporter but only when I got closer they saw that it must be Guidetti. maybe

Everybody ran towards me and it went a bit crazy and slightly dangerous cause maybe it was a bit risky. There were a lot of hugging and a bit hysteria, but there were a lot of people who took really good care of me. They protected me and took me up on their shoulders and carried me all the way to the stadium with a Feyenoord flag in my hand singing my song.

I remember how I made a silencing sign and how it got quiet immediately. The I started the song:

- I’m Feyenoord till I die. I’m Feyenoord til I die. I know I am. I’m sure I am. I’m Feyenoord til I die.

15,000 thousand joined in an all sang along, Feyenoord was finally a great club again.

I got the award also as the league's best player of one of the largest newspapers, even though I had not really played quite enough matches. Koeman also said in the papers that he compared my season, better than Zlatan's first, and in the same caliber as Schneijder and van der Vaart when they broke though. Everything went so fast but I was prepared. If you’re not ready for success, do not try to win.


“…Many around the world watch Messi, he is too far away but we have Cabral and Guidetti. U-niq and Winnie. Feyenoorden and Het Legioen”

- Click-clack, like a lampswitch. Click, now I'm your daddy - Clack, now I’m your coach.

- “As your father I am the proudest father in the world and you have done fantastically well and I love you immensely. But “clack”, as your coach, it is just not good enough. It will not work. This will not last the way you want if you do not raise your level”.

These are the two relationships me and my dad have with each other. It's what we call the tough love. Sometimes when he speaks passionately of what is actually required, I think my father is off his wits. But the truth is that he’s right and has also dedicated everything for me. I actually owe him my life. We both know what we want to achieve. Both in football and in life as people.

My dad knows me better than anyone else. Think about it next time you see me on TV. He can spot how I am doing, after just viewing what degree my chin is angled he knows how it is going in a match, what energy levels I have, how large my believe is in me, and so on. Or after hearing what pitch and frequency in my voice is tuned, when I call him after a workout. He can pin point exactly how well it has gone.

He's the kind of guy who will tell you exactly how it is. He will never sugar coat any of it. He won’t turn with the wind tomake things easier on you, on the contrary, he will be the first one that will do so I will continue, make me see when I shouldn’t be satisfied, for he will not be really satisfied if I’m not the best player I can be, or in the world. In truth he has the very same goal as me, whilst all others are like;
- Damn John. You are good now. You are the best. Nothing can or will happen. You have already made it.
He is the total opposite.

- John, if you do not realize that you have to increase even your best effort - right now, it will not work out, you will not succeed.

Of course, sometimes he exaggerates just a bit, but he does it because he must make that statement, to make me to understand.
Football is the best there is, that's what I want to do with my life, and I have a family that will let me do it and for that I am extremely grateful for. You get addicted of football. You want to play it all the time. When was younger, I never thought like:

- Shit, imagine the money I can earn if I play football, or the beautiful watches I can wear. I had the same T-shirt, the same shorts 4 days in a row, and I played the same football all the time. It was the thing I loved to do most of all: Later of course, I will not lie, if you see me sometime in town I might wear a nice watch or be driving a nice car, but it is just the symbol for us footballers, a token that we have succeeded, I made it - here I am.

Dad was a national team player in rugby. He had no agent but he received an offer to turn pro, but at the time you did not make any serious money, not even as professional rugby, so he stayed behind in Sweden, played because he loved the sport, just like I do...

But Dad has now become my agent now, I have another agent, but Dad is the one who helps me with exactly everything, he is also the one who takes the dialogue with the agent and myself so I can focus everything on my football, he means everything to me, he's really the only person I can fully trust with anything within the football world, to 100% he will always have my back, do what is best for me, it has always been us two since I started this. He helps many other players now as well, many of my friends, he does it because he thinks is good, he's doing it just out of love and for that he thinks it's a blessing to help others, he really wants people to succeed. Many of my friends say that when they get their first contract, they want to give back to my dad. All he says is that he wants a cup of coffee, cause coffee is for closers, and he will be very happy.

How it got be so that clubs made contact with the us and dad helped me is quite simple, when Inter were interested they searched in the phone directory, and you got one hit on Mike Guidetti, they phoned him, Mike Guidetti. He's like three people for me, he is my father, my best friend and he is my coach. He keeps me grounded, he's very tough, like I said, he never ever turns when the wind turns. But he knows how good I am, and I know he is proud of the work I do.
We have a perfected working system with what we call triggers, something we always go through before every match, things I should think about things I should have in mind when I play. He always asks me what I should consider in this particular game. Some triggers I might have is to play simple, look and feel strong, if I fall to get up as soon I can and so on. Believe in yourself is a classic, etc., and it gives me such a great security, he gives me a peace of mind, I love it when he looks at my matches and there are not many he missed in my entire career.

In order to understand how immodest my dad is, and how good hearted he really is, listen to this. He is a guy who wants to help everyone and then I mean everyone. He believes that he has the gift to help everyone, a little bit anyway, so each player we meet, every friend he’ll chats five minutes to give his views on it and what he thinks he can give the player of hints.

At night time, we are often gathered at San Carlo in Manchester, Manchester's finest Italian restaurant, if you go there you’ll meet with all the celebrities. Just when we finished our meal and get ready to leave we meet Mario Balotelli at the door on the way out from the restaurant. I greet him and then I am going away, Dad is behind me. I thought: “where is dad gone to? It can’t be possible, he cannot be, but he is sitting with with Mario and give him tips. I turn around and there they sit, and he giving his tips. Admittedly at the time, I was ashamed, just a little bit, but he is who he is, and he is just the best Dad in the world.

My father works very hard, and there are not many nights' sleep, he wants everything to be exactly right, he wants it to be 100%. In England, we shared apartment, but in Holland he moved into his own apartment two floors up but still his own apartment, because as I have a girl and now it was us two who shared. We are a strong unit, family, girlfriend, relatives, It’s la famiglia Guidetti. It's tattooed close to my heart. I respect them. We sacrifice no one. It is one for all, all for one. However, we sacrifice a lot of time to football, if you want a lot, you must be willing to sacrificed, and I do not want much. I want it all. Here’s to Dad.

(Music Mr. Jones)

The song was dedicated Mr. Guidetti. It was Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows.

My family is not that in to faith, we go to church on Christmas Eve. My faith came when I lived down there in Africa the second time, in Kenya, which I told you about earlier. We prayed, we thanked God. It somehow gave me strength, it felt like someone was there, took care of me, looked after me, so I continued with this, it became a routine for me. I prayed before every match, before I would go to bed.

The difference as I did as many others may not do when things go wrong and everything is not quite as planned so it is easy to turned to God. But when all goes well then ask to no longer but I saw that when things went well for me, the day I had three goals, the day I had zero goals did not matter, I thanked God anyway for my chance to play football, for my life, for my family, when all goes well, then life pretty easy, it is during the tough times the real winner turns out, that's when you have to be strong. I think that those who succeed in the end, are the ones who can handle adversity in the best way, those who do not fold down, but the ones who just get stronger. Adversity builds success, but success must not result in your failure.

One time when I did not make it into IF Brommapojkarna’s first team, the ST Cup at Tyresö, I was so so sad, frustrated, furious. I went home and shaved all the hair of my head. It was like a punishment against myself and I worked even harder. I wanted more and I promise I never played more in the second team after that. I wanted it to much, I wanted revenge.

Once my sister said to me,

- John, do you know what you should do then when you are the best in the world?

- No, what?

- We should start a flower shop that will be called ‘Flowers for Doubters’ and we will send flowers to all the people who did not believe in you, all the people who doubted you. Because we shall thank them for that they did not believe in you since it has made you so much stronger, is has made you become who you are.
Certainly we would not make any profits as we would give away all flowers for free, but it is such a nice idea. To thank all the haters for they have made me the person I am today. So that's what we'll do. Guidetti’s Flowers for Doubters to all you haters.

- Here comes a bouquet so beautiful and so pretty, thank you for not believing in me. You made me believe in myself.

- Success is my only motherfucking option! - Failure is not.
Lose yourself by Eminem

- All these dreams, so sweet and so beautiful.
Tonight, it is the football finals of the 2012 UEFA European Championship. I could have been there, I could have been in the room with loud music in the headphones, instead I ate a piece of something in the spring and got on a virus and is now instead forced to rehabilitate. When I really should be building body strength against harsh attacks in the upcoming autumn.

When I look at the European Championships, I will not lie, I get great anxiety, I see myself in the player’s tunnel, when I run into on the pitch after doing my routines. I walk out last, put on my clothes in a certain order. Match jersey last, a little bit corny perhaps, but important. It's my routine, it does not really matter, it's not really good to have such procedures, because what if Zlatan say, John, I'll walk out last, what do I do then?

Now I check the Euros as critically and as naïve I would do better than everybody else of those who play. Just as everyone else does who sit at home and watch at the European Championships. If anyone from Sweden misses a good goal opportunity, I close my eyes and visualize me scoring that goal. I run towards the yellow wall and receive the audience's cheers. Admittedly, I might have missed the euros, but I still see how I make the goal. I see how I would have acted. There are 70,000 in the stands and a million home in front of the TV. All are critical to the bad performances.

- You idiot, why he shot into that corner, he should have aimed for the other corner.
I am an on looking expert just like anyone else in front of the telly. But I rise from the TV couch, I will never sit here at another European Championship. I will not be the guy who says he should have shot it in the other corner, but I will be the guy who really strikes it into the other corner.

I know I will be healthy. I will play football again. But when will I get to start exercising? Where should I stay? What club? Which country? What league? I used a pair of soccer shoes last on 22 April (2012). I’m told I will tie the shoe laces for the first time in the middle of June (2012). I wonder how the feeling will be, will my feet hurt? How long will it take before I am back with in the same touch as I had before? It will go fast because I know how hard I work. And within a very short moment will Guidetti be right back on top again. Everything has to be right. Everything will be right. I must land in the right place. It must be the right number of forwards on the team. The coach should have seen me a certain number of times. It must be the right amount of dedication invested in me. I have to fit into the game plan. While there are no guarantees but I need to get to a good starting position. But then when I made a decision I have to stand for it. Then it is just to honk and drive. God has given me my chance. He has given me this plate. As my father used to say;

- John, think about it, don’t put your thing in your own pocket and piss all over yourself - take your chance instead. Do everything you can do in your power now to help yourself to succeed. Then maybe we stand there one day and it was not enough, but I will know I did everything I could and I can pat myself on the shoulder and say, John, it may not be enough, but you gave yourself every chance there was. You gave it everything.

It is important that I continue to run my system, that works for me. Now there will appear perks. I will be invited to many parties. Many will want to be with me. It will happen a lot but I have to continue. Otherwise there will not be any more ‘party invitations’. Otherwise, there will not be anything at all. I must continue. Keep driving. Keep hoping. Keep beleiving. Continue to fly towards my dream. Because I want to succeed in my dream. My dream will not be a dream. My dream shall be a reality. My life is football, it's not chess. Football is football. Two goals, some lines, a passing trick, a tunnel shot into the far post, and everyone rejoices. So it is in all leagues in the world. They rejoice.

Music - Beware of Me

‘Varning för mig’ (Beware of Me) by Medina.

It's the fans I play for. Without the audience, football is nothing. I remember when I and the girl was in Turkey on holiday. It was the Stockholm derby, AIK vs Djurgården, I watched the match on the laptop. The first 15 minutes, I heard nothing. Apparently, the fans had decided to stay silent for the first 15 minutes. And it was noticeable as in the whole match. It was poorly paced, it was boring to watch. There was no energy. After 15 minutes they started. Banners flew, confetti flew, they began singing, full of strength. You noticed it on the pitch too. The players rose, not one or two levels but ten! It was fantastically so much more fun to watch. It was really a good point. Because football without fans is really nothing. The feeling, many rushes when they do things in life, we as athletes get rushes, my best rush is when I score and 52,000 fans is screaming out of joy. That feeling in my body is indescribable. It's probably one of the best feelings in the world. That's what I strive to achieve. That feeling. I like to be an entertainer. People go to work happier if we win. They are proud of that we are doing good. They sing my name.

I can, with my actions, change a person's behavior. Admittedly it's pressure, but really it is fantastic. Guidetti they sing. There is a great future ahead. So many firsts to make. So many. The first goal in La Liga. The first goal in the Premier League. To meet Messi for the first time. To compete against Messi. Why not nutmeg Messi? Step onto Wembley, I have already done that, but playing would also be fun. Winning the Bundesliga, winning Serie A, winning the Champions League, winning the European Championships, and why not also win the World Cup?

I want to do all of those things. Easy to say, tough to try, but worth a go. I dream to become one of the largest ever; Henke, Zlatan, Zidane, Ronaldo el Phenomeno, Messi, John Guidetti, oh whoops, not quite there yet, huh?

The nominees are: To be the one to break Zlatan winning streak of Best player Awards. The best way to show my admiration for the best, is to get even better. It is when the understudy passes the Master that he becomes immortal.

I will always be the cocky little shit that was whipped with towels in BP's dressing room. Got beaten up because I was teaser. Afterwards they asked if I had had enough so I got up and continued teasing I got even more beating. I'm the same guy, I don’t change for no one. I am myself. I will always be myself. I would rather stand up for my dreams for my dreams than be living quietly lying down. There is no plan-B. I have one dream - to be the best in the world. I'm John Guidetti, 20 year old, a football players.

This was Summer in P1 with John Guidetti. Produced by Henrik Johnsson.
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John Guidetti Official

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UEFA Under-21 Championship​: Post match video interview with John Guidetti.

Thanks to all the fans.
“John Guidetti: 'Right now it feels like the end of the earth, but we never give up.' #U21EURO”
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John Guidetti Official

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UEFA Under-21 Championship: Half-time score is 0-0.
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John Guidetti Official

Shared publicly  - 
UEFA Under-21 Championship: Final score Italy 1-2 Sweden.
Berardi 29 (penalty)
Guidetti 56
Kiese Thelin 86 (penalty)
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“Så här såg det ut när John Guidetti kvitterade för Sverige i mötet med Italien i U21-EM. Se alla målen på”
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John Guidetti Official

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UEFA Under-21 Championship: Half-time score is 1-0 after a penalty goal by Italy and Sweden are down to 10 men after a red card.
“It's advantage @azzurri at the break #U21EURO”
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OFFICIAL: John Guidetti has completed a move to Real Club Celta de Vigo.

OFICIAL: John Guidetti súmase ao ilusionante proxecto do Celta.

OFICIAL: John Guidetti se suma al ilusionante proyecto del Celta.
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UEFA Under-21 Championship​: Video highlights from last night's game between Portugal National Football Team​ and Svenska Fotbollslandslagen​ (Full time score 1-1).
See how both Portugal and Sweden booked their spots in the semi-finals after a dramatic 1-1 draw in Uherske Hradiste.
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UEFA Under-21 Championship: Final score Sweden 0-1 England.
Jesse Lingard 85
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Efter ett mål av Jesse Lingard i den 85:e minuten vann tyvärr England mot det svenska U21-landslaget med 0-1. Nu visar vi vad vi går för mot Portugal i...
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UEFA Under-21 Championship​: Check out the UEFA website for TV-listings or live commentary from the match between Svenska Fotbollslandslagen​ and England Football Team​.
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UEFA Under-21 Championship: GOAL by John Guidetti. Italy 1 - 1 Sweden
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UEFA Under-21 Championship: Only moments away from kick-off between Italy and Sweden.
Follow the live commentary and stats on the website.
Sweden starting-XI: Carlgren, Milošević, Helander, Augustinsson, Baffo, Lewicki, Hiljemark, Khalili, Larsson, Guidetti, Kiese Thelin.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Soccer player for Manchester City and the Swedish national team.
Basic Information

Currently on loan for Stoke City Football Club, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

Manchester City Football Club, United Kingdom.

April 15, 1992

This is the official Google+ fan page of the Swedish football player John Guidetti. Follow his tweets at @SuperGuidetti and his Instagram on @JohnGuidetti.

Personal Information    
John A. Guidetti, Born 15 April 1992 is a Swedish footballer, currently playing for Feyenoord as No. 10/ on loan striker from Manchester City FC.

Club career

IF Brommapojkarna
– John Guidetti started playing in the Brommapojkarna youth system 1998
Bromma Boys/MYSA/Ligi n’Dogo 2002-04.

Manchester City Football Club - In April 2008, at the age of fifteen he signed a three year deal with Manchester City. He enjoyed a fine season with Manchester City Under-18 team, scoring 13 times in 13 played games. He also marked his reserve team debut with a remarkable hat-trick against a Burnley F.C. side containing several seasoned campaigners. Before the start of the Swedish 2010 season Djurgårdens IF made a strong attempt at signing him on a loan deal for the whole season, but he ended up going on a highly successful loan to his old club IF Brommapojkarna for 8 games, creating 4 goals and 4 assists.

“Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini wants to see how the youngster matches in the first-team, handed a chance to impress on the club's pre-season tour to the United States. He played his first game as a member of the first squad, during the American tour. In a match against Sporting Lisbon, Guidetti came on as a substitute for 20 minutes. He made his competitive first team debut providing an assist for Manchester City's only goal on 22nd September 2010 as a starter in the league cup match against West Bromwich Albion.

Burnley - On 25th November 2010 Guidetti signed an one month loan deal with Burnley with an option to extend the loan when it expires on 3rd January 2011. On 26st of December 2010, in his first start, he scores his first goal for Burnley in the away game against Barnsley.

International career

- Guidetti has played 14 matches and scored 14 goals for Sweden's under 19 national squads, including a sensational 4 goals against The Holland U 19 World Cup team. Originally, just outside selection for the European-qualifiering group leaders Sweden U21 that faced Israel and Montenegro in June, but Guidetti was first choice to take injured striker Agon Mehmeti place. Guidetti managed to obtain a starting place in Sweden’s starting 11's victorious 1–0 win against groupleaders Israel. Then for the next U21 match, he was instead included in the Sweden under-19 football team as Coach Jörgen Lennartsson claimed they needed him more in that team and he might very well feature in the Sweden U21 squad soon again. He scored after 4 minutes in his first game back with the under-19 line-up against Poland and after Sweden U21 suffered an unpredicted defeat home against Israel, John was once again recalled for the decisive qualifier against Bulgaria, creating the winning and only goal in Sweden’s 1–0 victory.

Personal Interests
Although Swedish, John Guidetti’s paternal grandfather came from Italy and his great grandfather has Brazilian roots, he has lived twice in Kenya when his familly worked with a Swedish school project in Nairobi. John credits a lion share of his football achievements playing with older kids in the poorer slum areas of Kibera and Mathare Nairobi as one important step in his football development.

Official website
Official Twitter account @SuperGuidetti.
Official Instagram account @JohnGuidetti
Official Facebook fan page John Guidetti Official.