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Craig W Behrens

Working Azores is a goody! I've been thinking antenna experiments again lately. Too many ideas -- gotta settle down and pick one good one.

Has anyone made and given out Certificates of Participation and/or Achievement for RaDAR operations?

I'm thinking about giving something to newbies who go out with us and take part in authentic RaDAR Operations.

Ideas? Templates?


RaDAR is alive and well in Huntsville, AL, per following Announcement:

Stay Tuned – Something Great is in the Air!

Can you believe it . . . Our long, hot Alabama summer is finally (and reluctantly) giving way to cooler weather.

Yes, we are beginning to feel traces of fall in the air.

And, we HARC folks get particularly “Radio—Active” this time of year.

This being so, we are pleased to announce that a (very) special three-month series of QRP/Low-Power Field Operation presentations will begin at our October 2nd meeting.

“Big deal,” you say? “Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . Heard it all!”

Well, this particular, well-targeted series is being created exclusively for HARC members to improve our field-operation and emergency/survivalist skill sets. 

The presentations not only include topics about more effective Go-Bags, antennas, radio systems, etc. – each is followed by an authentic Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) field operation to implement what has been presented.

 Yup! A field Op will be scheduled for a Saturday following each of the presentations.

Stay tuned to the HARC website for additional information.

72/72 & DX,

Craig, NM4T

Just a week away from the Huntsville, AL, Hamfest, busy planning for major fun. RaDAR and SOTA Op's are planned up on Monte Sano using all 3 new LNR Transceivers and a bunch of EndFedz antennas. I still have an extra cabin held in reserve for anyone who wants to join us. Look for us on the air Saturday evening, 8/15/15, as well as on Sunday.

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Hi to the RaDAR gang!
Well, I'm finally able to spend some quality time being radio-active again. I've addressed all the urgent family stuff and my July QRP Quarterly Column has been submitted. (This QQ will mail the end of July)
So, it's time to for me to get out and do some car-portable field Op's.
Here's a picture showing one of the antenna configurations for this latest project. (My QQ column details a number of antenna designs that exploit this capability.)
See you on the radio!

Saturday, 2/7/15, we will conduct a Special RaDAR Field Outing from multiple sites at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, AL.
We'll be participating in the Freeze Your Buns Off (FYBO) contest as well as others. We plan to get on the air around 10AM and operate until around 3PM (16:00 to 21:00 GMT).
We'll operate CW, SSB and JT65 as NM4T, KB5EZ and with the MSFC Radio Club's new call sign (I'll have to get this and post it then.)
I hope to work a bunch of you guys.

Great article in the October CQ Magazine, Greg! Good international spin on it too ;-)

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Check out the Balun Designs website that Greg has mentioned before.
This link shows a table with their optimal wire lengths for their multiband endfed antennas with 9:1 baulns. 

This is a 2-wire set-up, but the principal shown in the table still applies.

An idea to consider -- Eddie could make a few different snap-on wire spools so he could use whichever one he wants for the king of Op he wants to do to better manage weight and volume for his SiaS ;-)

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Just found out that we will have a very special conference at our Huntsville (Rocket City) Hamfest in August. See: 

We are also one of the 6 ARRL Centennial Hamfests this year and we'll be on the air as W1AW/4 then. (We'll also be W1AW/4 for a week on the first weekend in June and in October.

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The "Evolution of the Go Bag" that refers to RaDAR is in QRP QRCI's magazine, the QRP Quarterly and it can be found via the following link: 

Enjoy and pass it around.

"The Huntsville (Rocket City) QRP Guy"
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