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Great Hawaii Book! ~ Hanalei: A Kauai River Town! ~ Human and Natural History of Hanalei, Kauai! ~ Includes vintage photography, color photos, and a native bird guide!  
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Hanalei: A Kaua'i River Town - A well-researched history of Hanalei with lots of historic photos as well as current-day photography in full color!
Many know Hanalei from the film South Pacific but few know the #history of this plantation town, which is protected by a bay, nourished by four rivers, and bordered by the treacherous #NaPaliCoast - it was in the Hanalei region that the volcano goddess Pele fell in love with Kaua‘i chief Lohi‘au.
In the early 1800s it was the site of a silkworm plantation that exported high-quality silk to Mazatlan and Mexico City. By 1920, Hanalei was the top rice-producing region in the Islands. Today, Hanalei continues to balance economic development with the values of its Hawaiian forebears.
Daniel Harrington’s thoroughly researched book chronicles the history of Hanalei, from the arrival of the #Polynesians nearly two thousand years ago to the unexpected visit of a pod of melon-headed whales in 2004. Augmented with photographs, reference #maps and a guide to the area’s #nativebirds -Hanalei: A Kaua‘i River Town brings the story of the town and its surrounding environs to life.
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Hiking On Oahu!
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Hanalei Bay, Kauai!
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Hanalei pier sunrise, Kauai, Hawai'i

Tony Mignot at
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Breathtakingly beautiful.❤
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Surfing On Oahu, Hawaii!
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Here's a list of the top surfing beaches on Oahu you don't want to miss.
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With shark population and attack rates doubling every year i wouldn't dare surf myself
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Awesome photo!! I wish I were there, too!!! 🌴👙🌺
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Big Waimea Bay Surfing Footage from Drone - Big Day, Big Drops!
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Surfing a vista de drone en Waimea Bay. Impresionantes imágenes aéreas de las sesiones tan potentes al de horas de cancelarse el Eddie Aikau.
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Spring Living Well Lectures at Halekulani!
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Spring Cleaning... for your body. #detox lecture this Thursday on Oahu.

SpaHalekulani, our Waikiki spa, is pleased to continue its Living Well Lectures. These monthly, one-hour talks by our resident Lifestyle Coach, Kamala Skipper explore different facets of wellness.
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Na Pali Coastline on Kauai, Hawaii!
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Top 5 #Kauai Activities! (What's Yours?) - The North Shore’s Napali Coast is as captivating as it is life-changing for those who venture to access the 11-mile trek of the Kalalau Trail. Ranges of mountain and sea, camping options and a chance to view red soil bursting through verdant mountains! Read more:
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Surfing Waimea Bay!
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Jamie O’Brien and Shane Dorian share a monumental wave at The Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau.

Photo | Tony Heff
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