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Gariwerd -The Grampians
the best travel experiences are right under our nose. This week
we spent a few glorious days camping with friends in the Grampians, a trip that entailed
towing our caravan just an hour and a half up the road. I’ve been
to the Grampians lots of tim...

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366- #Thingsthatmademehappy 2016
This year I completed another 365 project (taking and uploading one photo every day). Actually I completed two, one on Insta and the other on Flickr and they were 366 projects because of the leap year, but whatever... semantics. The important thing is that ...

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Lost in Saigon
On our last full day in Vietnam, we got lost. We were up early for a less than satisfying breakfast before we got on board our mini bus tour to the Cu Chi tunnels. Cu Chi is about 70km from the city (2 hours in the traffic) and there are a number of ways yo...

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Farewell to Paradise
So, we're back in Ho Chi Minh, and while it's great to still be on holidays, no one is happy about leaving Hoi An. I've never shed tears leaving a hotel before but when the staff from the Rivertown all lined up to have their photo taken with us and then mad...

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Last minute alterations
Before we came to Hoi An I watched some Youtube vlogs of other people's visits and wondered how they could have spent so much time aimlessly wandering up and down what looked like the same streets for  hours on end. And yet, we've done just that for 5 days ...

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Food, glorious food.
It's actually hard to believe how much food we've eaten today! We started early, at 6.30, with the breakfast buffet. The chef here does the best eggs benedict- so far our only concession to western food - and then there's the dumplings, the noodles and the ...

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Cam Kim
Little did we know when we set off on our bike tour this morning that we would witness an exorcism and an exhumation! The bike tour was organised by the hotel, complimentary for all guests staying more than 3 days. Our lovely guide Nih led us across the foo...

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It's raining, it's pouring!
It rained in Hoi an today. Not just a shower or a cloud burst but torrential, tropical, tumultuous rain that fell from the sky in giant, splashing drops (please forgive all the alliteration- the rain was seriously intense!) After a truly amazing breakfast w...

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Risotto to Lemon Grass
Ho Chi Minh City is a hot, sticky risotto. Our hotel had amazing sound proof windows and despite the never ceasing traffic outside, we slept like babies till about 5am when our body clocks demanded food. This was a great time to be up and about because the ...
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